1000 Points of Fright

Pirate of the High Frequencies

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Friday 3/22/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Savatage Power of the Night Power of the Night
December 8 Years Praying Hoping Nothing
Malignancy Cataclysmic Euphoria Eugencis
Children of Bodom Wrath Within Hatebreeder Thank you for your request!
Converge Trespasses All We Love We Leave Behind
Hell-Born Necromonstrosity Cursed Infernal Steel
Rwake Inverted Overtures Voices of Omens
Cephalic Carnage Redundant Lucid Interval
Spawn of Possession Where Angels Go Demons Follow Incurso
Polterchrist Art of Ferocity Engulfed by the Swarm
Dreams of Damnation New Flesh Seattle Metal Fest Vol. 2 Compilation
Metal Church In the Blood Metal Church Thank you for the request!
Crowbar Like Broken Glass Broken Glass Thank you for the request!
Obolus Desolation Lament
Sairaat Mielet Ongelma Support the Destruction of Punk Movement
Torture Enter the Chamber Storm Alert
Mors Principium Est Ascension And Death Said Live
Evocation Chronic Hell Tales from the Tomb
In Solitude In the Darkness In Solitude
Defeated Sanity Verses of Deformity Passages Into Deformity
Population Reduction Plague of the Artists At the Throats of Man Forever
White Chapel I Dementia White Chapel
Enthroned Nonus Sacramentum-Obsidium Obsidium
Darkthrone Ones You Left Behind Underground Resistance