Fetal Jitters

h.g. & Trotsky


Eclectic, Punk

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Monday 3/18/2013 @ 10:30PM - 12:00AM
Curious George Bonehead Children OF A Common Mother Incemesis
Half Man Half Biscuit The Trumpton Riots The Trumpton Riots Probe Plus
The Reds Victims The Reds A&M
Ex- 15/ V/A Drugs V/A The Sound Museum Presents Sound Museum
The Celibrate Rifles V/A Tubular Greens V/A No Worries Hot
Render Useless Personal Hell Human Useless
AnGst Dummy Up S/T Happy Squid
Barkmarket Pink Stainless Steel The Easy Listening Record Purge
The Hair & Skin Trading Co. Crush Ground Zero Situation
Highway Slugs V/A Some Fun V/A Swedish Exotica Vol. 1 Pet sounds
The Middle Class Last Touch Scavenged Luxury EP Frontier
Demented/ V/A Back To Bed V/a Sudden Death Smoke Even
Human League Path of Least Resistance Reproduction RTC
V/A Jeffrey Lee Pierce- Sex Killer Statik Compilation Statik
Kildevil Blues Mystery Show Self-Titled Nail Soup
Tank Used Leather (Hanging Loose) Power of hte Hunter Victor
Schlong/One Eye Open Schlong- Dick Turtle Space Pirate Split Very Small
Eden's Rebels Bang Bang Self-Titled Esruc
Kilkenny Cats Hands Down Hands Down Coyote
the Edsel Auctioneer Unbroken Line Voice of the Harolds Decoy
Half Man the Everyday As Everything Falls Apart Ludditee Flamework
Bi-Marks Sleeper 7 Black Water
V/A Nox Mortis- Mary Downe Shall We Dance? Meantime
Plaid Retina Cats and Dogs Mind Tracing the Going Down Very Small
V/A Joyce McKinney Experience- Try Shall We Dance? Meantime
V/A Funeral Parade- With You PDX Black Water