Kicksville 29 BC

Tim Matranga

Back to basics, stripped down rock n roll, R&B, soul & 60s rock.



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Sunday 3/10/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Bo Diddley She's Fine, She's Mine Checker
The Four Slicks Linda Four On The Floor Slick
Billy Guy Whip it On Me, Baby Washington Committee Double L
Barbara Mercer Happiness is Here Groovesville Review GSS
Chet Ivey Get Down With the Geater Sylvia originally 1971
Sons of Champlin I Wouldn't Put it Past You Fat City Big Beat
Danny Kroha Run Little Children of the Gories, forthcoming release
Rich McQueen Who's That Under My Bed Marathon Hattiesburg. Miss
Jesters Stompity Stomp Cadillac Men Ace from the Sun Masters, rock n roll Memphis w/Sam Philips son Jerry Philips
Wailers Wailers House Party Wailers at the Castle Norton
Freddy Butler She's Foolin' You With a Dab of Soul Kapp
Melvin Davis Find a Quiet Place (and be Lonely) Detroit Soul Ambassador Vampi Soul
Lee Rogers The Same Things That Make You Laugh Premium Stuff Detroit
Debonaires You Better Wake Up Detroit girl group
The Capreez How to Make a Sad Man Glad The Sound of Sidra Outta Sight Rare soul from Detroit
Roy Lee Johnson Can You Handle It
Benny Poole Pearl, Baby, Pearl Solid Hit Detroit
Black Diamonds I Want, Need, Love You Down Under Nuggets Festival/Warner
Cobras Goodbye Midnite Sounds of the Milky Way Big Beat Midwest teen R&R
Expressions Return to Innocence Teenalaga, originally TN garager
George Jacks There's Got to Be a Reason
Couriers I Couldn't Care Less Destrination Frantic 3 Zone 66 unreleased MI
Unbelievable Uglies Research Into the Soul of the Psychedelic Sound Independence originally MN wyldness
London Studio Group March of the Defiant Ones Freak Out at the Facsimile Factory Tenth Planet
Cucumber Under Cobblestone originally psych fuzz inst
Lemon Dips Unpack Your Bags Who's Gonna Buy De Wolfe originally UK library music
Search Party Speak to Me The News is You Lion
Music Emporium Times Like This Music Emporium Sundazed
Spike Drivers High Time Spike Drivers RD
The Dave Miller Set Mr Guy Fawkes A Day in My Minds Mind v 2 EMI NZ
Public Nuisance Thoughts Gotta Survive Third Man Sacramento grp 1969 recordings
Ellie Pop Can't Be Love All Kinds of Highs Big Beat
Art of Lovin You've Got the Power Art of Lovin Mainstream
Turtles/Donovan radio spots
The Creation If I Stay Too Long Complete Collection Retroactive
Zombies If It Don't Work Out Stereo Anthology Ace
Intricate Blend Door Knob Get Ready to Fly Big Beat
Wallabies Holy Days Feeling High Big Beat