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Hi Prog fans from near and far. I discovered a Gentle Giant tune recorded in 1974 but released only as a single, and then only in the UK. It's the title track to The Power and The Glory but written after the album's release! We'll hear it today.

Also on the list is a live PFM performance, in Rome, of Jethro Tull's Bouree - with Ian Anderson sitting in on flute! (thank you Doug). 

A sligtly abbeviated show today...Aggies are in Long Beach for an important game. 


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Saturday 3/02/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Gila In A Sacred Manner Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee Garden of Delights 1973. US
Rush Wish Them Well Clockwork Angels Anthem 2012
Melting Euphoria To Shade My Mad Existance Inside the Garden of the Mind Cleopatra 1997. US
Nati'l Health Dreams Wide Of Queues and Cures Decal 1978. UK
Gentle Giant A Cry For Everyone Octopus Alucard 1973 UK
Gentle Giant Aspirations The Power and The Glory Alucard 1974 UK
Gentle Giant The Power and The Glory Single WWA 1974 UK
Kenso Shadow Over The Inssmouth Progfest 2000 Giffer 2000. Japan
It's A Beautiful Day Girl With No Eyes Self-titled It's About Music 1969. US/SF
Los Dug Dug Lost In My World Self-titled Ampex 1969. Mexico
Curved Air It Happened Today Curved Air Live Repertoire 1975 UK
Moody Blues Are You Sitting Comfortably BBC Sessions Eagle 1970 UK
Asia Soul Survivor Live of Mokda San Juan 1990. UK
PFM w/ Ian Anderson Bouree Prog Exhibition 2010 - Rome YT 2010. Italy
Dream Theatre Sacrificed Sons Octovarian Atlantic 2005. US
Shadow Gallery Alaska Carved In Stone Magna Carta 1995. US