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Dr. Kelp

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Fantastical and Phantasmagorical

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Wednesday 3/20/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Humming Urban Stereo (w/ Sugar Flow) Hey You Sparkle Waltz Sofa
The Aprils/Sexy Synthesizer Back to the Future Music Magical Girls usagi chang(?)
The Aprils/YMCK Twinkle of the Stars, Little Stars, Shining Stars crazy kilt abcdefg*record
YMCK Down Town Down Town (split w/ De De Mouse) Avex Trax
Seranji Poji G no sekai ochamekan ???
Sonic Coaster Pop My Star Future Electro Star usagi chang
Copter4016882 Drop of Water perfect joke contemode
Plus-tech Squeeze Box Test Room Fakevox Vroom-Sound
Strawberry Machine/Natural Graphity panda to watashi crazy kilt abcdefg*record
Hazel Nuts Chocolate pa pa pa pa pantsu de GO! Bewitched! Trolley Bus
clammbon orenzi JP Warner
Melting Holidays cherry wine cherry wine sucre.
spaghetti vabune! Candy Eight Players EP Blue Badge
Microstar Motorcycle Boy Microstar Album ioda
Instant Cytron Happy puppy in the desolation Little Gang of the Universe ???
Round Table Dancin' All Night Friday I'm in Love Happiness Record
Corniche Camomile En Melody of An Melody Onepiece Recording ???
losfeld Girl Losfeld Escalator