Mellow Mood Mix

Queen Chillage & Senor Soul

Kissed her on the cheek said peace
Each and every week no sleep
Just dream states, far fantasies
Far fetched catches, stretching the galaxies
I asked her if she like the pasture
Where flowers bloom under grass skirts
Candle lit cancer sticks, casual cannabis
Can a bliss be so simple?

Pierced ears with the atmospheres ring around
Sat her down on Saturn, put the single out
Singing 'bout the last time I had her
Falling in love, calling me up
Darlin', we was so marvelous lust,                                                                                                       so starving to bust, trust God is in us
Was offering love, but now I'm offering what?
What a difference a day makes, age old playmate
Smoking on a cig, taking lame breaks
Lavish life, later wait till the day dawning on
Whatever bull@#$% she got jarring on.







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Tuesday 3/05/2013 @ 4:30AM - 6:00AM
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