Fetal Jitters

h.g. & Trotsky


Eclectic, Punk

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Monday 2/25/2013 @ 10:30PM - 12:00AM
Forward Pyramid War Nuke And Death Sentence Prank/H.G. Fact New
No Statik No Hospice No Hospice Prank New
Sinatra 65 Fabric of Self Sinatra 65/ Frackus Affair split Yankowy
StepMothers American Nights Guardian Angels b/w American Nights PoshBoy
The Hex Dispensers Lose My Cool Winchester Mystery House Douche Master
Glass Eye Glass Eye Marlo S/R
Trouble With Larry Blind Eye Cold Day In Hell Good Kitty
Glorious Din Circle Star Closely Watched Trains Insight
The Stick Figures September Four Songs Green
Blyth Power Me and Mister Absolutely The Barman and Other Stories Midnight
The Maids I Do I Do Maids in Bataan American
Twenty Second Sect Bach Rock Get That Charge Sympathy
VKTMS Teenage Alcholic VKTMS Daflespitz
Shorty Hot For Teacher Kaput! Skin Graft
God Rockin' Marky Rock is Hell Au-Go-Go
Rat at Rat R Assassin Self-Titled Neutral
V/A Stretch Heads- Three Pottery Owls (With Innuendo) Pathological Compilation Pathological
Roger C. Reale & Rue Morgue Inside Outside Radio Active Big Sound
RX Getting Ready for War Offerings Self-Released
God's Gift Discipline Discipline New Hormones
Pat RuthenSmear Golden Boys RuthenSmear SST
Shudder to Think Rag Ten Spot Dischord
John Ruth Goodbye I am a Model Twnety-Two
Hal Shows Illegal Brief Birthday Suit Self-Released
Sunday Painters Sang-Froid Surface Paradise Terminal
Raszebrae Stray People Cheap Happiness or Lofty Suffering RZ