Rockin' Bones

Bloody Holly

Rockin' and a creepin'... that's how I roll.

Stay tuned at 10 pm for Tim Matranga's interview with Danny Kroha of The Gories.


Garage, Horror Surf, Rock 'n Roll, Punk, Oldie Moldies, Power Pop, Psychobilly, Soundtracks & Spooky Treats

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Sunday 2/24/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Billy De Marco & Count Dracula Drac's Back
Bad Indians Love & A Shovel Are On The Other Side CQ Records
The Brian Wilson Shock Treatment Nervous Breakdown Operation Sun Probe Poe
Voyager 8 Hellshovel - Yolanda Acid Baby Jesus & Hellshovel Present... Slovenly
Velvet Davenport Lemon Lemon Drop Square Box Moon Glyph
Screaming Lord Sutch And The Savages She's Fallen In Love With The Monster Man She's Fallen In Love With The Monster Man Oriole
Ventures Driving Guitars Driving Guitars Delta Music
Blue Stingrays Super Hero Surf 'N Burn Epitone Records
The's Highschool Witch The's Third Man Records
Morgus & the Daringers Morgus Creep Haunted Halloween, Vol. 3
CCR Headcleaner Cocoon CCR Headcleaner 7" Caesar Cuts
Psychic Ills One More Time One Track Mind Sacred Bones
Holydrug Couple Ancient Land Ancient Land EP Sacred Bones
Blues Control Opium Den/Fade To Blue Valley Tangents Drag City
Randy Luck I Was A Teenage Caveman V/A Nasty Rockabilly B Sharp - Germany
Duchess of Saigon Romania self-titled SS Records
Spray Paint Funeral Upskirts Spray Paint SS Records
Hank IV Family Adam Third Person Shooter Hook Or Crook
The Readymades Pink I'm A Man, I'm A Flower Mt. St. Mtn
The Fabulous Five Janie Made A Monster V/A Mello jello
Protomartyr How He Lived After He Died No Passion All Technique Urinal Cake
XBXRX Infancy Of Millions Pt. 1 Sounds Important
Heavy Cream Watusi Danny Burger
Cherry Glazerr Bloody Bandaid Papa Cremp Burger
Coathangers Sonic You Scramble Suicide Squeeze
The Hentchmen Mush Mouth Millie Campus Party Norton
Slim Harpo Strange Love Got Love If You Want It Flyright Records
Ersel Hickey Hangin' Around Bluebirds Over The Mountain Epic
Forbidden Five Enchanted Farm Ultra-Lounge Volume Eleven - Organs In Orbit Capitol Records
The Drag Kings Midnight Drag Of Paul Revere V/A Signed, DC. Satan Records
Naomi Punk Linoleum Tryst Eon Of Pain Cruising USA
The Monsters Acid Dreams I See Dead People Voodoo Rhythm
Toy Love Amputee Song Live At The Gluepot Goner
Bad Indians Hate Are On The Other Side CQ Records