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Wednesday 2/20/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Kevin Ayers The Lady Rachel Joy Of A Toy Harvest 1969/ RIP Kevin Ayers
Soft Machine A Certain Kind French TV 8/25/1968 (with Kevin Ayers playing bass)
Soft Machine Save Yourself 8/25/1968
Massive Central Credo di Tatra El Rebbel New
David Byrne In The Future Music for The Knee Plays ECM 1985
Henry Jacobs Around The World With Henry Jacobs Important Bonus Disc/First Night-Kenneth Rexroth and Lawrence Ferlinghetti-Live At The Cellar-Feb, 1957, North Beach, SF
Camper Van Beethoven Wasted [Black Flag] Telephone Free Landslide Victory Inependent Project Records 1985/Recorded in Davis, CA.
The Mallard Iggy Pop Yes On Blood Castle Face 2012/Amazing Live Show!
Moira Scar Space Time Resonators Scarred For Life Resipiscent New
Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin Bikini Babes Reverse Shark Attack In The Red New/Recorded 2009
Ooga Boogas The Studio Of My Mind Ooga Boogas Aarght! New
Larsen Annie's Rap Cool Cruel Mouth Important 2011
Various Artists Mugstar-Ouroboros IMPREC300 Important 2011
The Bark Haze Punchline 1 Total Joke Era Important 2007/With Thurston Moore Guitar
Kevin Ayers Shouting In A Bucket Blues Live in Spain (Sonido Directo) 1981/ with Andy Summers joining on guitar
Kevin Ayers Didn't Feel Lonely Spain 1981
James Blackshaw Love Is The Plan, The Plan Is Death Love Is The Plan The Plan Is Death Important New
Larsen + Z'EV Live In V. Tro Important 2011