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Christopher Garbage & Miss Dot

Goin solo tonight, although Chris decided to grace us with his pressence in the form of a spankn new GIF.

N Joy



Punk, Free Jazz, Noise, Trash Rock

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Tuesday 2/26/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
The Wontons Shanghai Saturday Extra Spicy Peek-a-boo
Women in Prison Strange Waves Strange Waves HoZac
Roach Motel Nothing to Loose/ Mom Likes Drugs It's Lonely At The Top Florida's Dying +
Wonderama Cream Puff Wars Everyday Shuold be my Birthday Ajax
The Stiff All-Stars Maybe Tonight Maybe Tonight/It'll Be Me Chiswick +
WORK SALAD Bloody Eye Portrait of a Submissive Christianb Dog Shit *****
The Workin' Stiffs Guns, Drugs and Tricks A Man and His Slegehammer Chapter 11 SF!
Swingin Utters Here We Are Nowhere No Eager Men Quality of Life
Wool The Witch Kill the Crow/The Witch Bongload
Wonder Whenkingswerekings Gravitydrop Savage Republic Tapes
WOD P.V.I. (Is a Lie) Feel/P.V.I. self- released {Womyn of Destruction}
Vertigo Two Lives Two Lives Skidmark
Los Huevos Nothing Gun Los Huevos 12" Cheap Date Sacramento band!
X Waiting Aspirations Rocknroll Blitzkrieg
Worst, the Earache Self-Titled Big Neck ***
Surgeons In My Scope Whip Them Lord Total Punk
Grandaddy AM 180 Under the Western Freeway Will
Woofing Cookies In the City In the CIty/VB Midnight
World of Pooh G.H.M. G.H.M./Someone Wants you Dead K! &*^*^
Wolverines Animal Eyes Stephanie Tom
Wolverton Brothers White Folks Love City Day One
Words on 45 Rock n' Roll Mythology Rock n' Roll Mythology/Made in Japan Self Released
Woodpecker Kim Kim/Pretty Woman Psycho-Acoustic
Red Mass Radio Radio self-titled Psychic Handshake +
The Woggles You Got What I Want Do Just What I Say Telstar
Real Numbers No Exceptions self-titled Three Dimensional
Jacuzzi Boys Blow Out Your Lights No Seasons Florida's Dying
Cola Freaks Kniven Cola Freaks Douche Master
Hungry Gayze Pins and Needles Road Kill Flordia's Dying on F.D. bandcamp
Cop City Chill Pillars Vitamin CCCP Hosed Florida's Dying New 12"
Tommy Jay & Mike Rep She Was Old The Grim-O Comix Sequence Columbus Discount
Wizzard Sleeve No Mongo Make the World Go Away HoZac
Los Cincos Miss Spiritual Tramp of 1968 The Five Deadly Sins Sympathy for the Record Industry
v/a Nudge Squidfish - Jess Harrisburg Players Columbus Discount
v/a T.A. Lafferty - Take It to the Father Harrisburg Players Columbus Discount