New Nothing People C'Mon Girl 7" inspired the playing of all four of their LPs. That was before I read this, which means today is a lucky one.  Also stoked on  Banque Allemand.



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Monday 2/18/2013 @ 9:00PM - 10:00PM
Lack of Knowledge Were Looking for People The Grey CD Southern
Banque Allemande Schwartz von Schwatzer Wand Willst du Chinese sein musst du die ekligen Sachen essen SS Records
Psy Ants Spike Bit Tongue Prik Vacant Valley
The Silent Numbers Calculator Watch Calculator Self Released
Ghastly Spats Sordid We're Breaking Through The Hymen! Heinous Anus
Ex Con 'Cuda 82 Ex Con Bon Voyage
The Philosophic Collage Planned Obsolescence Genius BDR Records
Nothing People C'Mon Girl C'mon Girl b/w Walk On SS Records
Nothing People In the CIty Anonymous S-S 2008
Nothing People When I Drink Late Night S-S 2009
Nothing People In The House Soft Crash Ss 2010
Nothing People Gut Wind Smells Like Metal Captcha 2011
Connections Miller's Grove Private Airplane Anyway
The Normals Vacation to Nowhere Last Laugh from Lousiana originally recorded in 1979
Noseflutes Leg Full of Alcohol The Ravers Ron Johnson Records 1986 Nottingham England
The Sulphur Lights Little Pills Little Pills Self Released
The Rockers I Want To Tell You The Rockers Cheap Rewards