Bad Blood

Joey Gray

Week 5: All Things Soundgarden. 

SG is out on tour supporting there first new release since 1996. Go buy the record. Show up to their concerts. 


Hard rock, Metal, Blues, Rockabilly

Missed the Show?

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Saturday 2/09/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Soundgarden Hunted Down Screaming Life (EP) Sub Pop SG's first single, 1987
Soundgarden Beyond The Wheel Ultramega OK SST
Soundgarden All Your Lies Ultramega OK SST
Soundgarden Hands All Over Louder Than Love A&M Major Label Debut
Soundgarden Gun Louder Than Love A&M
Soundgarden Loud Love Louder Than Love A&M
Soundgarden Rowing King Animal Seven Four Entertainment/Republic NEW ALBUM
Soundgarden Taree King Animal Seven Four Entertainment/Republic NEW ALBUM
Soundgarden Room 1000 Years Wide Badmotorfinger A&M
Soundgarden Searching With My Good Eye Closed Live On I-5 A&M Live, Nov. 30 1996, Del Mar CA
Soundgarden Drawing Flies Badmotorfinger A&M
Soundgarden Holy Water Badmotorfinger A&M
Soundgarden New Damage Badmotorfinger A&M
Soundgarden Mailman Superunknown A&M
Soundgarden Superunknown Superunknown A&M
Soundgarden Limo Wreck Superunknown A&M
Soundgarden 4th of July Superunknown A&M
Soundgarden Let Me Drown Superunknown A&M
Soundgarden Rhinosaur Down On The Upside A&M
Soundgarden Search and Destroy LIve On I-5 A&M Live, Dec 18 1996, Mercer Arena, Seattle WA
Soundgarden Tighter & Tighter Down On The Upside A&M
Soundgarden Slaves and Bulldozers LIve On I-5 A&M Dec 5 1996, Henry J Kaiser, Oakland CA
Soundgarden Overfloater Down On The Upside A&M