Revenge of the Handlebar Moustache

Calamity Janie

Angry French guys yelling


Rock, Indie, Punk

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Thursday 2/07/2013 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
The Babies Baby Our House On The Hill Woodsist NEW clean- dreamy
Pit er Pat Bog Man emergency Three Dots clean- creative indie, heavily instrumental
Deep Time Homebody Deep Time Hardly Art clean rock
KVLR Traitors and Thieves IT'S A TRAP IATOO clean- rock
Defcon, Gene Only a Man-Girl Baby, Hallelujah Modern Radio clean single 45 B2 weird, ends in locked groove
The Barbaras Why Should I Love You? 2006-2008 Goner Records NEW LP 33 B4 clean- I like this but somebody labeled it
Mystical Weapons Impossible Shapes Mystical Weapons Chimera Music NEW clean- instro transition song
Human Eye We Are The Peopleoids They Came From The Sky Sacred Bones clean rock
Talk, The Cross Examinations It's Like Magic In Reverse . . . Morisen clean- rock, catchy
Volumatix Obscene Phone Call Volume One Republic Recording Corporation LP 33 A1 clean- moody, mostly instro rock
Spray Paint Possible Lungs Spray Paint SS Records NEW LP 33 A 3rd to last - it's haunting how good this is
Dodge Main Fire Comin' Dodge Main Alive clean, math rock-y
Sweet Talk Find You Pickup Lines 12XU NEW clean LP 33 A2 one of the guys in this band is wearing an Iron Maiden shirt
The Readymades I've Been to Egypt I'm A Man, I'm A Flower Mt. St. Mtn NEW LP 33 A2 clean- a bunch of screaming and yelling over garage track
The Feeling Of Love Jordan's Rules Le Peur Est Une Illusion Captcha NEW LP 33 A3 clean- angry French guy yelling
V/A The Negatives- We're From Bradford Bored Teenagers Vol. 2 Bin Liner clean- a jaunty little punk tune
Various Artists Strychnine- C'est Pour Toi Killed by Punk # FU2 Redrum LP 33 A3 clean French punk
The Mentally Ill Dom & Nate Strike The Bottom Red Last Laugh NEW LP 33 B2 clean- I love the worn-out-from-screaming voice and the janky guitar
Various Artists Calcinator- Billard Killed by Death 200: Rare Punque Francais '77-'83 Redrum LP 33 A-4th fr. last clean as far as I can tell- angry French punk
The Electric Ferrets Into My Brain Into My Brain Dionysus clean single 45 A1 punk
Stars, the Double Sider Perfect Place to Hideaway Pedal Records clean heavy rock, long
The Switch Trout Test Driver Psycho Action! Estrus clean surf- play if need more time
Viletones Won't You Let Me Viletones Other People's Music 1977 punk, clean
The Gizmos Regular Dude 1976/1977: The Studio Recordings Gulcher dirty? 70s punk
Jumpers Sick Girls Sick Girls Pias single 45 A side- a little gem I found down here
Cheveu Make My Day Dog S-S dirty? single 45 B side more French dudes, rock
Various Artists Queers- I Don't Wanna Work Killed by Death #3 Redrum LP 33 B1dirty? punk
Various Artists Fensics- Full Time Job Killed by Death #999 Redrum LP 33 A last dirty? punk
The Black Clouds 5 Years Behind My Time Pathetic Ride the Snake dirty- single 45 B1 crazy punk
Various Artists Lescop- La Foret Le Pop 7 Le Pop Musik NEW dirty? dance track- French
Sex Church Slipped Somnambulist Instant Pleasure/Psychic Handshake NEW LP 45 A2 clean?- loud rock
Beautiful New Born Children, the Paper Mill Do the Do Domino dirty- single 45 Bside hard rock/punky
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys Bite My Tongue Ready For Boredom R.I.P. Society NEW LP 33 A2 dirty? midtempo rock
Tuxedomoon What Use? (Remix) What Use? Ralph LP 45 A side clean- dark electro
Volt Testbild S/T In The Red FAVES! LP 45 dirty? loud electro French band