1000 Points of Fright

Pirate of the High Frequencies

Hey kids! You weren't ready for metal to start now, were you?

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metal, metal, and stuff like metal

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Friday 2/01/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Shadow Breath of Awakening Shadow
Chaos Inception Black Blood Vortex Abrogation
North As Hermits Return Thorns On the Black Rose
Torche Mentor Torche
King of Asgard Bound to Reunite To North
Centurian Blasphemy Angel Tyrants from the Abyss - A Tribute to Morbid Thank you for the request!
Hell-Born Empire Deep Down Under Cursed Infernal Steel
Tear It Up Bringing You Down With Me Bringing You Down With Me
Massacre Warhead Inhuman Condition
Maveth Seed the Succubi Coils of the Black Earth
Ravenous Apocalyptic Paranoia Three on a Meathook
Amon Semblance of Man Liar in Wait
Shipwreck AD Samur Abyss
Minenwerfer Schlachtkreuzer Nihilistischen
Craft Reaktor 4 Terror Propaganda
Pig Destroyer The Diplomat Book Burner
Urgrund Crusaders & Destroyers Graven Sign
Malignancy Eugenics Eugenics
Through These Gates Infected Skies Church of a Thousand Sorrows
Righteous Pigs Crack Under Pressure Stress Related
Defeated Sanity Frenzy Passages Into Deformity
Hideous Divinity Life During Epidemic Obeisance Rising
Will Haven I've Seen My Fate El Diablo
Allegaeon Timeline Dissonance Formshifter