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Dr. Kelp


Fantastical and Phantasmagorical

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Wednesday 2/20/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Bardo Thodol Feeble Voice Feeble Voice Transrecords 1988
The Nonfiction Entrance - Imitation Imitation Salaried Man 1984
Bohm Possessed Love Bohm Line Records 1984
Madame Edwarda Trench Coat hysteric na koushaku fujin City Rocker 1984
Satin Doll Merry-Go-Round Go Around & Around self-released? 1985
Mizutama Shobodan The Vertical City otome no inori wa Da-Da-Da Shoh 1981
gokurakuchou "O" keikoku Oriental Punk Sperm Factory 1985
OXZ Vivian OXZ self-released 1984
Papaya Paranoia Swimming in the Pool War War War Captain Records 1986
Aether Aether Escalator Run Aether Diving Record 1988
Hysterics aoi tori Hysterics self-released(?) 1988
Mannequin Neurose anneal dog Mannequin Neurose self-released 1983
Praha Depart kyou no nagare UOU SAOU self-released(?)
The Fallacy As I Leave The Terrible Silence Modern Sky
Hinto kankei nai ne Chain Summer Bauxite
Lillies and Remains When It's Over Underrated ??? nothing more goth than a Bauhaus reference
sekaiteki na band Liminal Underrated this album seems to be a three way split
Purple With Mary Underrated