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Anne Halo

Tonight's show features the music of Fred Cole. He's the genius behind such bands as The Weeds, Lollipop Shoppe, Dead Moon, Pierced Arrows and more.



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Sunday 2/17/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Dead Moon Dead Moon Night Unknown Passage Mississippi
The Weeds It's Your Time s/t Way Back Records
The Lollipop Shoppe It Ain't How Long Just Colour Uni
Deep Soul Cole Poverty Shack V/A Sixties Rebellion Vol.9 The Nightclub Way Back Records
Zipper Scars Zipper Whizeagle Records
King Bee Zipgun Hot Pistol Whizeagle Records
The Rats Broken Wire Telephone wire In A Desperate Red Whizeagle Records
Western Front Clementine Orygun Whizeagle Records
Range Rats Blues Coming Down Range Rats Mississippi Records
Toody Rather Be Your Lover Coming On Strong Whizeagle Records
Dead Moon Never Again Trash and Burn Empty Records
Pierced Arrows Caroline In My Brain b/w Caroline Tombstone
The Rats It's Still You In A Desperate Red Whizeagle Records
The Glory Seekers Never Take Me Alive Fortune Whizeagle Records
Indigo Zeros Fairless Square Naked Tombstone Records
The Undertakers Time Machine Time Machine Tombstone Records
Spider Babies I'm Dead I'm Dead Tombstone Records
The Ace-Tones Another Tyme, Another Place The EP Tombstone Records
Meat Cigars Old People In Cars Where's My Picture? Tombstone Records
Dead Moon Over the Edge Over The Edge Tombstone
Pierced Arrows This is The Day Descending Shadows Vice
The Rats Teenagers The Rats Whizeagle Records
The Lollipop Shoppe You Must Be A Witch Just Colour Uni
The Weeds Sin The Weeds Way Back Records
Zipper Behind the Door Zipper Whizeagle Records
Pierced Arrows Coming Down To Earth Descending Shadows Vice
The Rats Nightline Intermittent Signals Whizeagle Records
Mono Men 54-40 Or Fight 10 Cool Ones Scat
The Dirtbombs Fire In the Western World We Have You Surrounded In The Red Records
Deaf Wish The Way It Is Mercy Radio Records Melbourne
Grouper Demona V/A Yeti Twelve Yeti Publishing
The Rats Temolo In A Desperate Red Whizeagle Records
Dead Moon I Can't Help Falling In Love In the Graveyard Mississippi Records