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Are we just like all the rest?We're lookin' too hard for somethin' we've gotOr movin' too fast to restBut like a monkey on the back you need itBut do you love it enough to leave it? ~Phil Collins, 1981

I heard the pleas for more fusion, so today I will grant the wish with some Al Dimeola and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Please call with your comments, questions and requests at: (530) 752-2777.  I will answer the phone personally and would love to hear from you.  I can also be reached at:  Thank you for supporting the PRP and KDVS freeform radio.  


Progressive Rock

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Saturday 2/02/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Peter Hammill Crying Wolf Over Charisma 1977; England
Saga Where Are You Now? Generation 13 Bon Aire 1995; Canada
Al Dimeola Land Of The Midnight Sun Land Of The Midnight Sun CBS 1976; USA
Eloy Inside Inside Janus 1973; Germany
Vital Duo Les Saisons De Trouvere Ex Tempore Musea 2001; France
Aragon The Changeling The Meeting SI Music 1992; Australia
Yes Parallels Yesshows Atlantic 1980; England
Kayak Medley: Wintertime/Mammoth/See See The Sun The Anniversary Concert 2008 (disc 2 of 4) SMH Recordings 2008; Netherlands
The Lens Sequential Regeneration Giant Electric Pea 2010; England
Gong Tropical Fish: Selene The World Of Daevid Allen and Gong (disc 1 of 3) Charly 1973/2003; England
Mahavishnu Orchestra Eternity's Breath Parts 1 and 2 Visions Of The Emerald Beyond Columbia 1975; England
Neo Paintbox Broadcast Metal Mind 2007; England
Cairo Coming Home Time Of Legends Magna Carta 2001; USA