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Monday 1/28/2013 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Useless Eaters New Program Hypertension Jeffery Drag/Frenchkiss
Psychic Reality/La Vampires LA Vampires- What Is Woman? Magnetic Split Not Not Fun
Snapper Hang On Snapper Flying Nun
Library Of Sands Calculate the Greatness Side To Side Wild Sages Records
Warm Climate Calculate The Greatness Glass Singer Monofonus Press
Useless Eaters Black Night Ultraviolet Hypertension Jeffery Drag/Frenchkiss
The Lost Domain Regret An Unatural Act Negative Guest List
Dirty Beaches Lord Knows Best Badlands Zoo Music
Bloodhuff King Crab Bloodhuff Price Tapes
The Feeling Of Love Hand Clap Girl Le Peur Est Une Illusion Captcha
The Legs Been Kinda Lost AAAA The New Memphis Legs Goner Records
The New Season A Dark Horse The New Season Vacant Valley
CCR Headcleaner Cocoon Sancuaryc CCR Headcleaner 7" Caesar Cuts
Ciccone Youth Addicted To Love The Whitey Album
Stephens, Leigh I Grow Higher Red Weather Akarma
The Steppes Your Friendly Travel Agent Stewdio VOX
The Readymades Already Made, Again I'm A Man, I'm A Flower Mt. St. Mtn
Connections Mall Lights Private Airplane Anyway
Connections Nightwatch Private Airplane Anyway
Tommy Jay & Mike Rep Pop Another Pill The Grim-O Comix Sequence Columbus Discount
Outer Minds We Are All Stone Behind The Mirror FDH/Red Loungue/Resurrection Records
Hobocop Good News Half-Man Half-Cop Self Released
Pinched Nerve Bookers 59 Highland Ave. Self Released
Unknown Moral Orchestra No Need For A Leader II Jagjaguwar