The Triplofonic Sounds

Penny Century



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Monday 1/28/2013 @ 1:00PM - 2:30PM
Parquet Courts College Chess Circuit American Specialties Play Pinball New 12-inch
Ex-Cult Shade of Red Ex-Cult Goner New 12-inch. Memphis, TN
Raw Prawn None Left Raw Prawn R.I.P. Society New 7-inch! Sydney, Australia
Bed Wettin' Bad Boys Ready For Boredom Ready For Boredom R.I.P. Society New 12-inch. Australia
The Whines Straybird Shootinhead Mt. St. Mtn 2011
The Cormans Tiger Lily Mingo Total Punk New 7-inch!
Escombros Magnetism Escombros Shadoks New reissue! Chile 1970
Mandrake Memorial Musical Man 1970
Pawnee Drive Ride 1969
Escombros Love Machine Escombros Shadoks
Kempy & the Guardians Love For A Price
The Sulphur Lights Little Pills Little Pills Self Released New 7-inch! Brisbane, Australia
The Sulphur Lights Sulphur Stomp Little Pills Self Released
The Cormans Mingo Mingo Total Punk
Ausmuteants Daylight Robbery Ah...What An Ugly Face Every Face Is Heinous Anus
Raw Prawn Wrong Place, Wrong Time Raw Prawn R.I.P. Society New 7-inch! Sydney, Australia
Ghastly Spats Kid We're Breaking Through The Hymen! Heinous Anus New 7-inch! Sydney, Australia
The Feeling Of Love Jordan's Rules Le Peur Est Une Illusion Captcha
The Memories Clueless too short to play only one!
The Memories Sad Guy
The Memories
Nina Ryser The Same Wave September The Horse We Want To Hang New 7-inch!
Tony Carey Yellow Power Explorer And Yellow Power Medical New reissue! orig. 1982
Smersh Sweet Little Bishop Cassette Pets Dark Entries New reissue! orig. 1989 Piscataway, NJ
The Stone City Band! Bad Lady Out From The Shadow Gody 1983
The Universal Robot Band Freak With Me Freak With Me Red Greg 1978
Tony Carey Enjaw J Explorer And Yellow Power Medical 1982