Fetal Jitters

h.g. & Trotsky


Eclectic, Punk

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Monday 1/21/2013 @ 10:30PM - 12:00AM
Corner Voyage To Eternity Punishment For Decade Noise 1988
Zerstorte Jugend Tanz Aus Dem Ghetto S/T Shlitz Musikversorgung 1986
Slow Looking For Something Clean Against The Glass Zulu 1986
Scream I Look When You Walk This Side Up Dischord 1985
The Lizard Train Explosion in a Room Thirteen Hour DayDream Greasy Pop 1988
UV Race I'm a Pig Racism In the Red New
Little Gentelmen Red Blood/ White Feathers Broken Toys i.e 1985
Special Forces RollerCoaster World Domination Boner 1984
Great Unwashed Meanwhile Clean Out Of Our Minds Flying Nun 1983
Blood Sport Ghosts Of Scrooge I am the Game Homestead 1985
Ed Gein's Car Boo Hoo Making Dick Dance S/R 1986
Authorities LSD Soundtrack For Trouble Get Hip 2010
Little Queenie SS Shipwreck Blackout b/w SS Shipwreck Sweet Rot 2011
Pangea Plasma Killer Dreams EP Lauren 2011
Accept Starlight Breaker Passport 1981
a;GRUMH In the Garden Underground Play it Again, Sam! 1986
Chris and Cosey This is Me Heartbeat Rough Trade 1981
Egoslavia Read Palms Self-Titled 9 1/2 X 16 1982
Gluons Your Manikin Hands Self-Titled Beth 1983
Eight-Eyed Spy Lazy in Love Self-Titled Fetish 1981
Crawling Walls Tell Me Why Inner Limits Voxx 1985
Eighth Route Army World of Hate Nihilist Olympics 1Dimensional 1985
The Curbs / Krupted Peasant Farmers Krupted Peasant Farmers- Hemp for Victory Pinball Junkie / Hemp For Victory Self 1991
Einstein's Riceboys Vertigo Civil Rice QL 1983
the Cowboys Standing in the Rain How the West Was Rocked Exploding 1986
Glassings David Buy Me Love & Pain Overture 1984
Crawl Away Machine Map of Asia Self-Titled Mekura Songs 1985
Cowboys International Lonely Boy the Original Sin Virgin 1979