The Living Dead at Davis

KayVee & Monsterella & Doctor Captinn

See her bubble, see her twitch. Burn the witch! Burn the witch!


Edwardian Death Punk

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Saturday 2/23/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Burn Witch Burn Narration 1962
Africa-Witchcraft & Ritual Music Pokot Witch Doctor Africa-Witchcraft & Ritual Music Nonesuch 1975
Goblin Sighs Suspiria Cinevox 1977
Wade Denning Burned at the Stake Sounds of Terror! Pickwick 1974
The Fall Frightened Live At The Witch Trials Step Forward 1979
Betty Lavette Witch Craft In The Air Single Lu-Pine 1963
Kip Tyler She's My Witch Single EBB 1958
The Kinks Wicked Annabella The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society Pyre 1968
Dave Gardner Mad Witch Mad Witch / Love Is My Business OJ 1957
Charlie Spivak It's Witchery Single RCA 1930s
Society for Occult Sciences The Facts About Witchcraft Single OS 1973
Bruce Haack & Norman Bridwel The Witch's Vacation The Witch's Vacation Dimension 5 1974
Hap & Martha Palmer Witches' Brew Witches' Brew Activity Records 1976
The Pandemonium Fly With Me Forever Single CBS 1968
What Four I'm Going To Destroy That Boy Single Columbia 1966
Coven Wicked Woman Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls Mercury 1969
Cramps Queen of Pain Big Beat From Badsville Vengeance Records 2001
VS Leather Complex VS Monkey 1980
Witchcraft Trailer 1964
The Leather Boy On the Go Single MGM 1964
Kitty and Sheeny Lanier Do the Whip Single Satolite 1964
Nat Freedland Louise Huebner - Interview The Occult Explosion United Artists 1973
Yoko Ono Yes, I'm a Witch Yes, I'm a Witch Apple 2007
Barbara The Gray Witch Intro Barbara The Gray Witch DEA 1970
Louise Huebner The Self Fascination Ritual for Increased Power Seduction Through Witchcraft Seven Arts Records 1969
Ruth White Spleen Flowers of Evil Creel Pone 2006
Liars Leather Prowler Liars Mute 2007