Good Measure



Blues, Jazz, Swing, Funk, Rock, Indie, Classical

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Sunday 1/20/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Hella Your DJ Children Total Bugs Bunny On Wild Bass
Ratatat Gettysburg Classics
Almost Amy Love London
Allo Darlin' Still Young Europe Slumberland
The Kinks Lola
Alex Goot The Real You
Regina Spektor Us
Start of Something Jason Munday & Alex Carpenter Dial Up
Birthday Massacre Kill The Lights
Pablo de Sarasate Zapateado
Bazzini Dance of the Goblins
David Garrett Smooth Criminal
The Barbaras Topsy Turvy Magic Goner Records
The Spinto Band The Living Things
Rebelution Sky is the Limit
Laura Stevenson and The Cans The Healthy One
Mississippi Heat Goin' Home Footprints on the Ceiling Crosscut Records
R.J. Mischo Two Hours From Tulsa Knowledge You Can't Get From College Greaselands Records
Mississippi Heat Still Havin' a Ball Footprints on the Ceiling Crosscut Record
Little Joe Blue Southern Country Boy Little Country Boy Jewel Records
Wynonie Harris Goodmornin' Judge
Blues Hammer Band Baby Please Don't Go
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Staggolee Are You Ready Columbia Records
Charlie Musselwhite Rough News
Billy Bizor When I'm Dead Blowing My Blues Away
Big Maybelle Big Sweet Daddy The Last of Big Maybelle Muse Records
Nightmare Blues Pyrsock/Grimes
David Evans Bring the Boys Home
Al Green The Lord Will Make the Way
Matthew Gee Wow!
Johnny Griffin Weasel Walk