Sounds Like Work

Milson Tisdale

Women's basketball:UCD vs. CSU Northridge cont... 

Put your best face forward.



psych, drone, electronic, experimental, rock

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Thursday 1/17/2013 @ 9:00PM - 11:00PM
The Space Lady (aka Suzy Soundz) The Price of Freedom Street-Level Superstar (Owed To Boston) Comfort Stand Recordings
Charles Taylor Man Alone Eastern Man Alone ESP-Disk orig. 1967 w/ David Baker (cello); Kent Brinkley (bass); Brent McKesson (bass)
Elodie Lauten Andante Catabile Concerto For Piano And Orchestral Memory Unseen Worlds orig. 1984
Jackie Stewart Cracked rec. 2004
I Cut People System Failure V/A-Fifteen Sounds of the War on the Poor, vol.3
Norbert Moslang w/ Toshimaru Nakemura Hot_Cold_Shield Indoor_Outdoor Ideologic Organ *new
16-17 Davul 16-17/Hardkore & Buffbunker Savage Land *new orig. 1988 ReR
Mission For Christ Penny Dub The Complete Sessions Ektro Records *new orig. 1983 D.C.
Rot Kimigyao Intense Noise Core 1988 - 1991 Discommunication Records
Blossom Dearie R.I. is Famous For You
Alain Savouret Etude Numerique V/A-Archives GRM INA-GRM composed 1985
Maniacs Dream Tropical Illusion V/A-Lal Lal Lal Festival Lal Lal Lal 2007
Agent Nova Yoga Vs. Bong Learn To Draw In 3 Seconds Punk In My Vitamins 1999
Bob Bannister Naphtha Flares Eight Day Clock Twisted Village 1992
Bob Bannister w/ Pengo Pengo-Raw 2012 V/A-Carbon 200 *new
Lee Gamble Nowhen Hooks Dutch Tvashar Plumes PAN *new
Xamiga Wolfpack Unsolved Universe Rush Hour Recordings *new