Kicksville 29 BC

Tim Matranga

Get Kak before Kak gets you. 



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Sunday 1/13/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Alkali Flats Looking Back to See Halfway House Sessions Flat Ways
Tom Tall & the Creel Sisters Hot Rod is Her Name Fabor
Deane Hawley Bossman Dore wr by Dorsey Burnette
Rockbusters Tough Chick Cadence Sacto
Wynonie Harris Git to Gittin' Baby King
Jimmy Heap & his Orch Gismo Dart
Rivingtons The Bird is the Word Liberty
Tender Joe Richardson Hip Huggin' Mini Hot Biscuit Disc
Sisters Three You Can Forget It Early Bird Bay Area soul
Patti Austin Got to Check You Out Take Away the Pain Stain Body & Soul
Valentinos Lookin' For a Love SAR
Isley Brothers Take Some Time Out For Love Tamla
Melvin Davis Faith Mala
Dave Brady & the Stars Ridin' High Twin Cities Funk & Soul Secret Stash
Ricky Hodges with Little G & the Vibrations I Feel the Love You Have For Me Clevetown
Wanda Davis Save Me
Eddie Russ The Lope Song Fresh Out Jazz Masters
Johnny Neel & the Shapes of Soul Everybody Do the Stomp Delaware Garage Distortions
Sonics Psycho Here Are the Sonics Etiquette. R: Norton
Seeds The Gypsy Plays His Drums / Can't Seem to Make You Mine Raw & Alive/The Seeds in Concert GNP Crescendo
Sons of Barbee Doll Psychedelic Seat TX Flashbacks
Nobles Something Else
Bourbons Of Old Approximately
Mike Burnett Mattie Jo's Get Ready to Fly Big Beat
Kak Rain Kak-Ola Epic, R: Big Beat
Dayaks So Long, Sad Sack Diggin For Gold 3 Smorgasboard
Outsiders Sun's Going Down
JJ Stately The Skill of the Magician Josie
Tradewinds Mind Excursion Excursion Kama Sutra
Gene Clark She's the Kind of Girl Sundazed 2012 RSD rls
Beat of the Earth Track 5 The Electronic Hole Radish, originally pre-Relatively Clean Rivers
Relatively Clean Rivers Easy Ride Relatively Clean Rivers R: Radioactive
Superfine Dandelion Crazy Town All Kinds of Highs Big Beat Arizona grp
Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit, & Greenhill Upon Waking From the Nap The Unwritten Works of Geoffrey Etc Uni
Tangerine Zoo Can't You See Mainstream
Michaelangelo Journey (to Find Who We Are) Michaelangelo Guinn
Jelly Bean Bandits Tapestries Jelly Bean Bandits Mainstream
George Gerdes Cold Catechism Wednesday Son of Obituary United Artists
Rain Join the City War Norsk Suite Shadoks