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Christopher Garbage & Miss Dot

tha 2nd git raydee fer iii


Punk, Free Jazz, Noise, Trash Rock

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Tuesday 1/15/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Roger Miller Private John Q Roger and Out Smash Records
Leo Coomans Louie Louie Basement Recordings 1978-1982 Ultra Eczema its a cover
The Love Is So Fast Soy Rebelde (Jannette Cover) self-titled Siltbreeze its a cover
Sexy Prison slow walk in a glad rain Italians Who Just Saw Rocky Nascar
Burglars ormfburg_track5 ORMF from last ormf
Low Red Center Sun Outside self-titled Ss SS (SS040 if you must know)
Crank Sturgeon Maloshe Crank Sturgeon/ Styrafoam Sanchez split Ratskin
The Hospitals Getting out of Bed Hairdryer Peace self released
The Cultural Decay Song of Joy Eight Ways to Start a Day Sacred Bones
Dog Faced Hermans Keep Your Laws/ Off My Body Those Deep Buds Alternative Tentacles
Dogjaw Phoenix Slow to Build Rumbletowne
Wild Moth Mourning Glow Mourning Glow b/w Patience
Last Exit Pig Cheese The Noise of Trouble Enemy Records live in tokyo
k^ren A Brand New Day Gun Violence self oak town lil homies
High Castle Bee Medal Spirit of the West Zum Records
The Coathangers Stop Stomp Stompin' Scramble Suicide Squeeze
AIDs Wolf Burning In the Halls AIDS Wolf/ Night Wounds Split Nail in the Coffin
Hips James Brown S/T EP Animal Mandible
Night Wounds Caving In Allergic to Heat Woodist
Sister Fucker Mindbinding A Commitment to Excellence self
Mutators Eyes Closed Mutators/ Shearing Pinx split Ugly Pop
Stillsuit 4 2012 demo self
Karate Party She's Got Spawn Black Hellicopter SS
Dudman untitled Japan in Decline Six Weeks Japanese HC Comp
Los Huevos Gas Attack S/T Cheap Date sac
Slang Yukusaki-Wa-Michi Japan in Decline Six Weeks Japanese HC Comp
Herds Afterlife self-titled Fashionable Idiots
GAG Don't Like Skimask 95 Bedside Records
The Hoodwinks Iamthegreatest Stab! Stab! Stab! Thin the Herd
Lamps Hot Plate Lamps In The Red 2005 wasnt it fine555
The Men Animal Open Your Heart
Bits of Shit Traps Cut Sleeves
UV Race Shat Itself Native Cats/ UV Race split 7 Ride the Snakes
Sewn Leather Bootz for Kikkin Hoax/ Sewn Leather split