1000 Points of Fright

Pirate of the High Frequencies

First show in the new timeslot! This just feels weird...

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14 Lower Freeborn Hall

Davis, CA




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Friday 1/11/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Decemberwolves Solid Gold Beating Blasterpiece Theatre
Enslaved Heimdallr Enslaved EP
Horizon Path of Lies Where the Blind Lead the Blind
Mgla With Hearts Towards None II With Hearts Towards None
Bongzilla Salvation Apogee EP
Aeon Glowing Hate Aeons Black
Converge Glacial Pace All We Love We Leave Behind
Garlic Boys Charisma 31 Poem
Incantation Progeny of Tyranny Vanquish in Vengeance
Apiary Fading Imprint Lost in Focus
Malignancy Separatists Eugenics
Final Exit Built to Last Umea
Trouble Misery Shows Run to the Light
Clearing Autumn Skies Narrative Abstract Patent Distorted
Sepultura Symptom of the Universe Bible According to Black Sabbath 2 CD set featuring originals on disc #1, covers on disc #2!
Merrimack Obstetrics of Devourment Acausal Mass
Nekromantheon Usurper Command Rise Vulcan Spectre
Mortician Zombie Apocalypse Zombie Apocalypse
Kommandant Victory Through Intolerance Draconian Archetype
Maroon Suffer or Endure Endorsed By Hate
Adamantium Picking Myself Up Fom the Depths of Depression
Book of Black Earth Cross Contamination Cold Testament
Deceased Robotic Villiage 13 Frightened Souls EP Thank you for the request!
Viral Everywhen Promo EP
Sanctuary White Rabbit Refuge Denied Jefferson Airplane cover
Obolus Desolation Lament
Pyrexia Shackles of the Mind Age of the Wicked
Pig Destroyer Iron Drunk Book Burner
Raised Fist Stronger Than Ever Split with 59 Times the Pain
Abnormality Shooting the Messenger Contaminating the Hive Mind
Electric Wizard Son of Nothing Come My Fanatics
Behexen Circle Me Nightside Emanations
Radiation 4 When Animals Attack Wonderland
Nephasth Flames Triumph Immortal Unholy Triumph
Masachist Opposing Normality Scorned
Soulstice Crusader Raze the Earth
Unmerciful Seething Darkness Unmercifully Beaten
Meshuggah Demon's Name is Surveillance Koloss Live Friday March 1st!
Master Cast the First Stone Faith is in Season
Pentagram Lazylady First Daze Here
Reflux Above the Pyramid & the Eye Illusion of Democracy
Plaguewidow Operating the Segmental Apparatus Plaguewidow
Covenant Planetarium Nexus Polaris
Siege Conform Drop Dead
Borknagar Beauty of Dead Cities Urd
In Aeternum Ultimate Warfare Pestilent Plague
Dodecahedron Descending Jacob's Ladder Dodecahedron
Post Mortem Clockwork Black Repulsion
Spawn of Possession Bodiless Sleeper Incurso
Testament Animal Magnetism Dark Roots of Earth Scorpions cover
Runaways I Love Playin' With Fire Queens of Noise