Sister Cyanide

Trigger Warning! Doll/inanimate object abuse. Be warned.

When my friend was a child, she had a Trollz doll named Shenanigan. It had green hair. My friend was only seven and couldn't prounounce the word Shenanigan, hence the doll was known as Shegn.

My friend's parents thought she wanted to be a doctor, because she enjoyed playing doctor with Shegn. They did not however know that "playing doctor" involved throwing Shegn at the wall, drawing on terminal chicken pox with Magic Marker, and sawing off various limbs with kitchen scissors.

This week's show is dedicated to Shegn and all the other dolls that are too afraid to speak up. They need your help.


Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Electronic, Dance, Pop, International, Polka, Ambient

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Tuesday 1/08/2013 @ 3:00AM - 4:30AM
Stars The North (Brakeglass Version) The North
Slow Club Dance til the Morning Light Yeah, So
Akron/ Family Don't Be Afraid You're Already Dead Love Is SImple
James And Evander Constellating Constellating EP
Zee Avi Concrete Wall Ghostbird
High Highs Flowers Bloom
The Cinematic Orchestra To Build A Home Ma Fleur
Lanterns on the Lake I Love You, Sleepyhead Gracious Tide, Take Me Home
Dana Buoy We on the Sea Summer Bodies Lefse Records
Fanfarlo Comets Reservoir
Sharon van Etten Give Out Tramp
Billie Holiday Warpaint Exquisite Corpse
IFWE My Coast
Tom Rosenthal Take Care Keep A Private Room Behind the Shop
I'm Loose C.L.A.M.
Lykke Li I Know Places Wounded Rhymes
Damien Rice Delicate O
Giselle Silk
Daughter Youth The Wild Youth EP
The Drums Down By The Water The Drums