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Christopher Garbage & Miss Dot

maiden voyage fer co lab stuff



Punk, Free Jazz, Noise, Trash Rock

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Tuesday 1/08/2013 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
King Lollipop Waterloo Sunset God Save the Kinks! Neotomic Records cover of that one kinks thing
Southern Comfort Silver and Gold Silver And Gold b/w Don't Cry No Tears Black Petal
Meat Market TNT Meat Market Under The Gun
Tyvek Early Spring On Triple Beams In The Red
BnP Bag of Rats Welcome to Mediocrity Self
A Frames Over 333 SS
FNU Ronnies Valley of Wastoids Saddle Up Load
Mayyors Clicks Deads EP
Menthols Don't Give Us Yours Michigan Works UFO Dictator
Straight Crimes Curse The Light, Kiss the Dark The First Cassette
Ex-Cult Better Life Through Chemistry Ex-Cult Goner
Hysterics Arm Candy/Dow Jones E.P. M'Lady's
Guernica Devoid of Color Cleanse Clean Palate
Fucked Up Police Police
John Wiese Catwoman A Teenage Hallucinations: 1992-1999
Whore Paint Amen Menarchy 7" Anchor Brain
Arcing Dragon Painter Doubt Orleone
Trophy Wife Identifiers Sing What Scares You Meet Your Adversary
Human Waste Moon Pigs Live
The Pink Noise Gold Light Gold Light Sacred Bones
Uzi Rash I Don't Wanna Whyte Rash Time Dead Beat Records
Straight Arrows Jeepster Can't Count Anti Fade
Brad Bingham Gutterin Singles
Girls The Elephant Man The Elephant Man b/w Jeffrey I Hear U
Hobocop Good News Half Man Half Cop
Flipper Life Album Generic Flipper Subterannean Records
Dawn of Humans Energy S/T 7" Toxic State sum new york stufffffffff
Minutemen Tension The Punch Line SST
The Mentally Ill Strike the Bottom Red Strike The Bottom Red Last Laugh
Knifey Spoony Busted Pissings Animal Pleasures (demo) another demo from these crazy dudes
The Dicks The Dicks Hate the Police Hate The Police 1-2-3-4 GO! eeeeeeeeeeeepic reisure get it er dieeeeee
Suicide Commandos Mosquito Crucifixion Make a Record Blank
Shearing Pinx East-Van Dream Void White
Nu Sensae Tyjna Sundowning Suicide Squeeze