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The A.O.D. stops by to say a bunch of crap that will get me kicked off the air. Tune it!


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Friday 1/04/2013 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Bloodbath Breeding Death Breeding Death
Kommandant Downfall Draconian Archetype
Skeletonwitch Remains of the Defeated Beyond the Permafrost
Chaos Inception Lunatic Necromancy Abrogation
Defiance Questions Void Terra Firma
Grief Fed Up Come to Grief
Allegaeon Iconic Images Formshifter
Sathanas To Bring Torture Thy Dark Heavens
Black Queen Cowards Be Gone Anthropocalypse
Converge Trespasses All We Love We Leave Behind
Warhammer Inmates of the Fire Curse of teh Absolute Eclipse
Illdisposed Working Class Zero Prestige
Unleashed Hero of the Land Warrior
Naglfar Blades Diabolical
Kreator Civilization Collapse Phantom Antichrist
Slaughterbox Fit For Human Consumption Ubiquity of Subjugation
Immolation My Own Enemy Harnessing Ruin
Himsa Wolfchild Hail Horror
Rotting Christ Out of Spirits Dead Poem
Minenwerfer Lusitania Nihilistischen
Portrait Nightcomers Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae