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A tribute to the earliest and formative days of progressive rock will be featured today.  Russian and Chilean prog as well.  So much good stuff!  Please call me with your questions, comments, suggestions and requests at: (530) 752-2777.  I can also be reached at:  Thanks for listening to the PRP and for supporting freeform radio at KDVS!


Progressive rock

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Saturday 1/05/2013 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
Mainhorse Such A Beautiful Day Mainhorse Polydor 1971; England
Atomic Rooster V.U.G. Rarities Angel Air 1971/2000; England
Tomorrow On A Saturday Tomorrow See For Miles 1968; England
Polyphony Crimson Dagger Without Introduction Acid Symposium 1972/2004; USA
Hidria Spacefolk 322 Symetria Next Big Thing 2007; Finland
Genesis Los Endos Seconds Out (disc 2 of 2) Atlantic 1977; England
PFM Via Lumiere L'isola Di Niente Numero Uno 1974; Italy
Efecto Dekeize Efecto Mylodon 2009; Chile
Quorum World Is Mocking At An Innocence Klubkin's Voyage MALS 2011; Russia
Curved Air Elfin Boy Air Cut WEA 1973; England
Beardfish Spegeldans Fran En Plats Du Ej Kan Se Jet-Set Music 2003; Sweden
Pendragon Comatose (Pt. 1) Pure Toff 2008; England
Stick Men Hands (Pt. 2) Soup Stickmen Records 2010; USA
Djam Karet Fall Of The Monkeywalk Reflections From The Firepool HC Productions 1989; USA
Nektar Remember The Future (Pt. 1) Remember The Future Bellaphon 1974; Germany