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Friday 1/04/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
Title Tracks All Tricks In Blank Ernest Jenning 4:00
Tone I Don't Wanna Talk About It Here's Another Reason to Believe in Rock 'n' Roll No Idea
James Jackson Toth The Banquet Styx Waiting in Vain Ryko
Tiger Bear Wolf You Play Guitar Self-Titled Clermont
Tight Bros from Way Back When Gimme the Key Lend You a Hand Kill Rockstars
The World Shoo Shoo Wah 12" Single Elektra 4:20
The Aisler's Set Emotional Levy How I Learned to Write Backwards Suicide Squeeze
Venus Envy Private Dick self titled Herb Jackson
The Aints The Aints Go Pop Camping Autocannibalism Hot
Nightwind Later For That Self-Titled Sound Boutique
Arthur Alexander Rainbow Road Rainbow Road Warner Brothers 4:50
Floyd Smith Getting Nowhere Fast Self-Titled Dakar
Seeed Aufstehn! 5:00
Seeed Wonderful Life
Peter Fox Haus Am See
Dellé Power of Love Before I Grow Old
Seeed Beautiful
Amon Duul II Archangels Thunderbird Yeti Repertoire 5:20
Artichoke William Thomson Kelvin 26 Scientists BMI
Rock The Light Drivin'
Sparks Hasta Manana Monssieur Kimono My House Island 5:30
Supe & The Sandwiches Niemi Delicacy & Nourishment Compilation ESD Compilation
Rail Road Jerk The Ballad of Rail Road Jerk One Track Mind Matador
The Soup Dragons Backwards Dog Lovegod Big Life 5:40
Peter Holsapple & The Freaking Bigs Spaghetti Delicacy & Nourishment Compilation ESD Compilation
Anton Barneau Drug Free Drug Free Pink Hedgehodge
Toad Butterflies Toad the Wet Sprocket Sony
The Real McKenzies Pagan Holiday Clash of the Tartans Sudden Death 5:56
Rootless Cosmopolitans Ain't No Republican Ain't No Republican Single
The Revelers Yes, I'm feeling Lonely Hard Times, Sunday Spirits SpinArt