USS Ghost Ship

Mister Apologies

p;aying a little more raw hip hop with jazzy electronic tunes i hope you have enjoyed my  last show. 


Reggae, Electronic, Jazz, Rock, Hiphop

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Thursday 1/03/2013 @ 4:00AM - 6:00AM
CEO foot patrol Dark Matterz Self Released
CEO roll wit j Dark Matterz Self Released
Speech Debelle live for the message Freedom of Speech Big Dada
Speech Debelle Blaze Up a Fire Freedom of Speech Big Dada
Hidden Orchestra spoken Archipelago Tru Thoughts
Hidden Orchestra vorka Archipelago Tru Thoughts
Diverse Big Game w/ Vast Aire Big Game Chocolate Industries
DJ Spinna Drive Drive/Rock (Unplugged) BBE Records
DJ Muggs Vs. GZA advance pawns Advance Pawns / Destruction of a Guard Angeles
fflame clap ya hands
Field Mob project dreams Project Dreamz MCA
fearless 4 problems of the world
kaskade 4am 4am
form one legion of the doom
Foreign Legion here we go again Playtight Look
flow mastaz click
raw cotiks nevertheless
Two lone swordsmen sick when we kiss the double gone chapel Warp
Two lone swordsmen roof one the double gone chapel Warp
Ras G i luv it Beats of Mind Poo-Bah Records
nautilus the ski
N8E rock on Rock On KSD Music
Up, Bustle, and Out coffe contamination Desert Zen
Up, Bustle, and Out ...sane men surround Desert Zen
loot pack whenimondamic
loot pack questions
Longshot no wins Pretty Brown Skin Produced by DJ Lock
VHS or Beta joshua's solid mix Solid Gold Stifle