He hates music, he loves noise

Robin Redbeast

Anne Halo subbing for Robin Redbreast tonight/this morning. Gonna play lots of music perfect for trippin' balls...


Skunch, Not-Music, Rock, golden oldies.

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Friday 12/28/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Eraas Fang Eraas Felte
Malditos Le Nuit Noir S/T Alchemy Coffin
Myrrh Untitled Track 1 Myrrh Soft Abuse
Lumerians Side B Transmissions From The Telos Vol. IV Permanent
Christina Carter/Pocahaunted Pocahaunted - Sweat Lodge split LP Not Not Fun
Robedoor/Yellow Swans Robedoor - Tremor Deliverance split EP Arbor
White Rainbow Warm Clicked Fruit Prism of Eternal Now Kranky
Timothy Leary Think For Yourself
Eternal Tapestry Alone Against Tomorrow A World Out Of Time Thrill Jockey
Serge Gainsbourg Psychastenie Les Sélections Du Cinéma De Gainsbourg Le Smoke Disque
Antennas Erupt Goodbye Baseball Radio S/T, Sounds from the Magical Energy Field Weird Forest
Experimental Dental School Oakland Lake Legz (Got Their Way) 2 1/2 Creatures Deleted Art
The Hospitals This Wails Hairdryer Peace Meds
Maria Minerva Ruff Trade Cabaret Cixous Not Not Fun
Electric Company In Compact Celery A Pert Cyclic Omen Onion Records
Magik Markers Don't Talk In Your Sleep Balf Quarry Drag City
Wooden Shjips Clouds Over Earthquake Dance, California Sick Thirst Records
Teepee Satisfied Heart Morals Senzei
Cosmic Love Child Television Saved My Life We Are Medicine Self Released
Brute Heart Wildfire Wildfire Water Wing
lsd and the search for god Starshine lsd and the search for god Mind Expansion cd
Goslings Mandy Occasion Not Not Fun