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The second chapter in the Malefactor's Macabre Text as he subs for DJ Dude.  More metal tonight, both hints as to his year-end highlights and retrospective on essential releases from times past.


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 KDVS and UNSPEAKABLE CULTS PRESENTS: "Murderous Intent": Apocryphon, Logistic Slaughter, Viral, Chronaexus, Embodied Torment

Saturday, January 5th at Burnt Ramen Studios (111 Espee Ave, Richmond, CA)

$6/all ages/doors at 7:30pm 


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Thursday 12/27/2012 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Incantation Ascend The Eternal Vanquish In Vengeance Listenable Records Brand new from Incantation to kick off the second half of this Malefactor Marathon tonight.
Borknagar Epochalypse Urd Century Media 2012 release.
Ereb Altor Boatman's Call Gastrike Napalm Third album, released just this past Summer.
Behexen Shining Death Nightside Emanations Debemur Morti October release.
Chaos Inception The Abrogation The Abrogation Lavadome Productions Ripping death metal in the vein of a hyperspeed Morbid Angel.
Iced Earth Boiling Point Dystopia Century Media Features new vocalist Stu Block of Into Eternity.
The Gates Of Slumber Beneath The Eyes of Mars Hymns Of Blood And Thunder Season Of Mist A highlight from 2009.
Mayhem Fall of Seraphs Wolf's Lair Abyss Misanthropy 1997 EP featuring most of their classic lineup, with much of the music composed by Euronymous.
Condemned The Divine Order of Babylon Realms of the Ungodly Unique Leader 2011 powerhouse, thanks to a handful of mighty tracks like this.
Drawn and Quartered Horde of Leviathan Feeding Hell's Furnace Nuclear Winter Records Returning to the land of 2012, Seattle's dark death metal horde.
Kommandant Atavistic Species The Draconian Archetype ATMF Brimming with ironic fascism.
Queensryche Breaking The Silence Operation: Mindcrime EMI It's back! On glorious, ill-treated wax...
Esoteric Allegiance The Pernicious Enigma Aesthetic Death Classic 1997 album of hideous, depressing, psychedelic death/doom.
Minenwerfer Famine Nihilistischen Christian Annihilation 2012 full-length from this Sacramento band.
Metal Church Hitman Metal Church Metal Blade 1984.
Coffin Texts To Manifest The Tomb of Infinite Ritual Dark Descent Records Another 2012 bulwark of old-fashioned death metal.
Ash Borer Phantoms Cold of Ages Profound Lore Powerful, epic (not radio-friendly!) 2012 release from this Northern California band.
Atlantean Kodex Fountain of Nepenthe The Golden Bough Cruz Del Sur Closing our night, we have traveled far and seen much, but next week we gather for a retrospective on 2012 and behold The Malefactor's hideous proclamations...