Unspeakable Cults


As we prepare for next week's Best of 2012 edition, The Malefactor has conjured up the archaic powers in a tribute to the planet's dawn times.  After the brand new Maveth album is introduced in the obligatory opening set of recent tracts, prepare yourselves for a journey into the ancient past with a review of the last twenty years of metal.  We go four hours tonight, all the way until 4 AM.


Upcoming shows:

"Night of Blasphemy": Lluvia, At Dusk, Fiends At Feast, Witching Hour, Rotten Funeral

Friday, December 28th at The Other World (1919 Market St, second floor, Oakland) 

$4/all ages/9pm 

Fall of Man, Incisus, Human Filth, Twitch Angry

Friday, January 4th at On The Y (670 Fulton Ave, Sacramento)


KDVS and UNSPEAKABLE CULTS PRESENTS: "Murderous Intent": Apocryphon, Logistic Slaughter, Viral, Chronaexus, Embodied Torment

Saturday, January 5th at Burnt Ramen Studios (111 Espee Ave, Richmond, CA)

$6/all ages/doors at 7:30pm 


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Thursday 12/27/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Maveth The Devourer Within The Gulf Coils of the Black Earth Dark Descent Records Brand new release, out just in time to make it onto my year-end list (which will touch down next week).
Malignancy Separatists Eugenics Willowtip Another new one.
Fiends At Feast The Devil's Horns Shadows of Extinction Horror Pain Gore Death Playing the show in Oakland listed in the show details above!
Necrosadist From The Virulent Entrails of the Virus Christ Abstract Satan Daemon Worship Productions Cypriot expatriate terror.
Grand Magus Iron Hand The Hunt Nuclear Blast 2012 release.
Nekromantheon Blood Wisdom Rise, Vulcan Spectre Indie Recordings Mighty thrash release from Norway.
Queensryche Revolution Calling Operation: Mindcrime EMI Kicking off a historical set; thanks for the request!
Hypocrisy Suffering Souls Penetralia Nuclear Blast Classic 1992 debut, more brutal than anything they would do afterwards.
Triumphator The Triumph of Satan Wings of Antichrist Necropolis 1999 album featuring Arioch/Mortuus of Funeral Mist/Marduk.
Disgorge Consume The Forsaken Consume The Forsaken Unique Leader Indispensable br00talz from '02.
Carcass Heartwork Heartwork Earache 1994 classic of melodic death metal.
Vader Reborn in Flames De Profundis Conquest Masterpiece of Florida-style death metal from 1995.
Deathspell Omega The Shrine Of Mad Laughter Fas - Ite, Maledicti, in Ignem Aeternum Norma Evangelium Diaboli Perhaps the crown jewel of 2007.
Candlemass Crystal Ball Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Black Dragon 1986.
Adramelech Seven Seven Repulse 1998 EP.
Overkill Blood and Iron Feel The Fire Megaforce 1985 classic.
Satyricon The Forest Is My Throne The Forest Is My Throne Moonfog Their 1993 demo, one of the more significant early second-wave Norwegian black metal releases.
Napalm Death Mentally Murdered From Enslavement To Obliteration Earache
Suffocation Ignorant Deprivation Breeding The Spawn Roadrunner Murderous art from a brilliant album, sadly marred by subpar production.
Atrocity Fatal Step Hallucinations R/C 1990.
Anata Released When You Are Dead The Infernal Depths of Hatred Season of Mist 1998 debut of this now-stymied Swedish band.
Defeated Sanity Calculated Barbarity Chapters of Repugnance Willowtip Concluding this chapter of The Malefactor's book of blasphemy, make way for the next two hours of defiled logic and perversion...