No Cure for the Terminally Awkward


2012 faves (2/2)

art: caro-ma 



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Wednesday 12/26/2012 @ 7:00PM - 8:00PM
Black Tambourine I Want You Around OneTwoThreeFour Slumberland
Black Tambourine I Remember You OneTwoThreeFour Slumberland
Graham Repulski Mommy's Dreaming My Color Is Red Big School
Girls Names/Weird Dreams Girls Names - A Troubled See A Troubled See b/w House of Secrets Slumberland
Lux Out Of Love We Are Not The Same Self Released
Young Prisms Floating In Blue In Between Kanine
Cemeteries The Wilderness The Wilderness Lefse Records
Bamu Express Dead Heads Awful Earlies Self Released
Rat Columns This Night Mocks Lovers Sceptre Hole Smart Guy
Tamaryn I'm Gone Tender New Signs Mexican Summer
Violens Totally True True Slumberland
Jeans Wilder Gravity Bong Totally Everloving Records
Lotus Plaza Strangers Spooky Action At A Distance Kranky
Peak Twins/Scott & Charlene's Wedding Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Hazy Morning Split Night People/Bedroom Suck