Satan's Children

Jizz Jazz

 Polluter subbing Satan's Children this AM. It's too late for drinking songs, but not too late for post-drinking songs for which I have a couple. Then, it's Metal until dawn.


Darkwave - Eclectic

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Tuesday 1/01/2013 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Barry Mcguire Eve Of Destruction Eve Of Destruction Dunhill 1965 classic
Yesterday And Today Alcohol Yesterday And Today London 1976
Kiss Cold Gin Alive Casablanca 1975
Lynyrd Skynyrd Whiskey Rock-A-Roller Nothin' Fancy MCA 1975
Beastie Boys Fight For Your Right License To Ill Def Jam 1986
Saxon Party Til You Puke Rock The Nations EMI 1986
Jimmy Buffett Why Don't We Get Drunk And Screw 'You Had To Be There' abc 1978
Pink Floyd Confortably Numb The Wall Live 1980-81 Columbia 2000
Embodied Torment Towards Oblivion Demo 2012 Self Released 2012
Kommandant Hate Is Strength The Draconian Archetype ATMF 2012
Minenwerfer Conquest Nihilistischen Christian Annihilation 2012
Agent Steel Beyond The Realms Of Death Omega Conspiracy Metal Blade 1999
Nile When My Wrath is Done At The Gate of Sethu Nuclear Blast 2012
Testament True American Hate Dark Roots of Earth Nuclear Blast 2012
Overkill Hello From The Gutter Under The Influence Megaforce 1988
Meshuggah I Am Colossus Koloss Nuclear Blast 2012
Silvara Overextension The Path To Ruin Repressed 2012
Behexen Death's Black Light Nightside Emanations Debemur Morti 2012
Malefice Baying For Blood Awaken The Tides Metal Blade 2011
Pseudogod Malignant Spears Deathwomb Catechesis Hells Headbangers 2012
Krisiun The Great Execution The Great Execution Century Media 2011
Taake Myr Noregs Vaapen Dark Essence
God Dethroned Chaos Reigns At Dawn Under The Sign of the Iron Cross Metal Blade 2010
Malice Sinister Double License To Kill Wounded Bird Records 1987
Sinister Cross The Styx Cross The Styx Nuclear Blast 1992
Sinister Aggressive Measures Aggressive Measures Nuclear Blast 1998
Book of Black Earth Research And Destroy The Cold Testament Prosthetic 2011
Aeon aeons black Aeons Black Metal Blade 2012
King Of Asgard The Dispossessed North Metal Blade 2012
Overkill Raise The Dead Feel The Fire Caroline 1987. At Ace Of Spades 2/28/13
Low Down Rotten Death Chain Mask Of Malice Metal Blade 2012
Maniac Butcher Desatero Krutých Zim Přežitých V Teple žhnoucí Záře Slávy Minulé Masakr Negative Existence 2011. Czech Black Metal
Maveth Dragon Of The Continuum Coils of the Black Earth Dark Descent Records 2012. Finnish Blackened Death Metal
Legacy Of Disorder March To Death Last Man Standing Black Orchard Music 2012
Fiends At Feast Shadows Of Extinction Shadows of Extinction Horror Pain Gore Death 2012
Grand Magus Valhalla Rising The Hunt Nuclear Blast 2012
Demonical The Arrival Of Armageddon Death Infernal Metal Blade 2011
Rick Derringer Beyond The Universe Derringer Live Wounded Bird Records originally released on CBS in 1977
Rick Derringer Sitting By The Pool Derringer Live Wounded Bird Records This edition 2004
Rick Derringer Uncomplicated Derringer Live Wounded Bird Records
Cramps Route 66 (Get Your Kicks On) Flamejob The Medicine Label 1994
Molly Hatchet Whiskey Man Greatest Hits Epic Originally on "Flirtin' With Disaster"
Pat Travers Snortin' Whiskey King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents BMG 1997
John Lee Hooker One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer Live At Cafe Au Go-Go (And Soledad Prison) MCA 1996