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Rob subs. Tonight, as we mark the passage of the darkest time of the year, the moon will glide close to Jupiter and the Pleiades star cluster (the "Seven Sisters") in the eastern sky. We will celebrate this cosmically and culturally significant moment by listening to Iannis Xenakis' "Pleiades" for percussion, followed by other mind expanding works of music.


Pop, Rock, Electronic, Indie

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Monday 12/24/2012 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Iannis Xenakis I. Metalux Pleiades / Psappha Harmonia Mundi
Kaija Saariaho L'aile du Songe Part I L'aile du Songe Disques Montaigne
Nick Tsiavos The Floor of Heaven One Hundred Months, Third of East Self-Released
Monolake Discontinuity Ghosts Imbalance Computer Music
Zoviet France Come Infinite Shadow, Thief of the Sun DOVe
Morton Feldman Triadic Memories, performed by Aki Takahashi Triadic Memories ALM
Zs I Can't Concentrate Score: The Complete Sextet Works: 2002-2007 Northern Spy
Charlotte Hug & Frederic Blondy La Belle Sultane Bouquet (2008) Emanem
duo B Tokyo (For Duo B) Start This Before Dawn Touches The Skyscrapers Edgetone Records