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Tuesday 12/18/2012 @ 2:30PM - 4:30PM
Glass Elevator Black Pearls Universum Gloria Self Released New CD
Shoes Okay Black Vinyl Shoes PVC 1978
Hot Knives I Hear The Wind Blow Hot Knives Grown Up Wrong! Recorded '76, Released 2011
New York Public Library Wheiling Ty Lou Cherokees and NYPL Singles NYPL Records (2010 reissue)
Paradise I Love Thousands Every Summer I Love Thousands Every Summer Thin Wrist Bandcamp
Riggs Radar Rider Heavy Metal Soundtrack WB 1981
Goblin Zaratozom Dawn of the Dead Dagored 1978
Gianni Rossi 7-10 Split Gutterballs: Orginal Motion Picture Sndtrck Permanent Vacation 2009
Demon One Helluva Night One Helluva Night Carrere 1981 UK
Red Squares Time Change VA Killed By Death 10 Redrum KBD Bootleg Punk Series
Lazy Party City Party City Moniker New 7 inch
The Throwaways Irksome Pizza J.A.W. New 7 inch
Imagination Just An Illusion Just An Illusion MCA 1982
The Pinkies Cartoon VA Moonlight Radio Armageddon 1981
Boom Clap Bachelors Lob Stop Sta (feat. Coco O) Mellem Dine Laeber Plug Research Demark
VA Down in the Basement by Basement Freaks (Ursula 1000 remix) Jalapeno Funk Volume 4 jalapeno records New Compilation
Bionic Boogie Cream Hot Butterfly Polydor 1978
Gypsy Changes Comin' Gypsy (+ Bonus Tracks) Air Mail Archive 70's (Japanese Reissue 2009)
Julie Felix Clotho's Web Clotho's Web RAK 1972
It's A Beautiful Day Place Of Dreams It's A Beautiful Day Columbia 1969
Altres Everything Is Archives Dark Entries Reissue from 1984 Cassette
Low Fat Getting High Lacoste Split 7in with The Black Black New, Available Bandcamp
Treepeople No Doubt Guilt Regret Embarrassment Toxic Shock 1991
Dawn of the Replicants Pterodactyl Fangs Pterodactyl 2004
Ruud Bos Hey A Letter Came Today Naakt Over De Schutting OST Philips 1973
Steve Bent I'm Going To Spain I'm Going To Spain Bradleys Records 1976
Moving Finger/Ex-Cult/Toxie/Nots Nots - Voyeur Gonerfest Bonus Album Goner New 7 inch
Blank Realm The Crackle Pt. 1 Go Easy Siltbreeze New LP
Dharma Dogs Drown Drown Kitschy Manitou New 7 inch