Revenge of the Handlebar Moustache

Calamity Janie


Rock, Punk, Indie

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Friday 12/14/2012 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
Guilty Strangers The Dreaming Some Old Stuff 2008-2011 Self Released dramatic girl singing
Grimes Devon Halfaxa Arbutus Records goth dreamy vox Montreal
Black Marble MSQ No-Extra A Different Arrangement Hardly Art goth, synth sound
Helvetia Wait Nothing in Rambling Joyful Noise mellow rock, good
The Fresh & Onlys Wanna Do Right By You Long Slow Dance Mexican Summer
Mac Demarco The Stars Keep On Calling My Name 2 Captured Tracks jangly rock, nice
Chris Cohen Rollercoaster Rider Overgrown Path Captured Tracks play w/Mac de Marco
Escombros Romeo y Julieta Escombros Shadoks 60's rock sound
BOBS, THE Helter Skelter OUT OF THE MOUTH OF BOBS KALEIDOSCOPE 7 inch 45 A1 1983 ah holy crap an a cappella version of this song???
BRAINS, THE Money Changes Everything MONEY CHANGES EVERYTHING GRAY MATTER 7 inch 45 A1 80's sound, good
BLUE LAW Sylvia Says SYLVIA SAYS FIFTH ESTATE 7 inch 45 1988- I wish you could see the cover, they look like badasses
Dilettantes, The You're Gonna Need More Time 101 Tamborines HappyParts Recordings bluesy rock, featured Joel from Brian Jonestown Massacre
Rhye The Fall request for Tony in Sac
Hank Haint On You Go Blackout Voodoo Rhythm Records bluesy, play w/ Ty Segall
Ty Segall Who Are You Twins Drag City
Social Studies Away for the Weekend Developer Antenna farm rock
Sidewalk Dave Something About Me Hard On Romance The Telegraph Recording Company reminds me of Strokes, also puts strategically-placed bees on pictures of his junk.
Gedo Rock'n Roll Crazy Showboat Live! 1976-1977 A KDVS exclusive rock and roll, ends with clapping, fade out
Unnatural Helpers Waiting Girl Land Grab Hardly Art upbeat rock
The Barbaras Day at the Shrine 2006-2008 Goner Records LP 33 A1 really upbeat rock
BACKSTREET GIRLS Monster in my Cadillac MONSTER IN MY CADILLAC Hit Me 7 inch 45 A1 slightly cheesy punk rock
Flesh Eaters, The Silver Miss Muerte Upsetter punk
And And And Holy F***ing Matrimony No Party Thing Thing Thing 7 inch A2 33 has some rockin moments
CHANNEL 3 I'll Take My Chances I'LL TAKE MY CHANCES Posh Boy 7 inch 45 A1 punk
The Unwed Teenage Mothers Why Does It Have To Be Tonight If You Think You're Lonely Now Speakertree 7 inch 33 B1 punk
The Legs Bill Dakota Knows AAAA The New Memphis Legs Goner Records LP 45 B2 play with Mentally Ill
The Mentally Ill Slash Strike The Bottom Red Last Laugh LP 33 A2 punk
UV Race Unknown Pleasures Racism In The Red rock, punk
The Coathangers/Heavy Cream Heavy Cream - Toasted Merry Go Round b/w Toasted Suicide Squeeze punk fem vox
Useless Eaters Smoke Alarm New Program Anti Fade lofi punk
The Philosophic Collage Toxic Poppies Genius BDR Records 7 inch 45 B1 weird punk
Exusamwa Valley of Diamonds Excusez-Moi! 100% Breakfast Records LP 33 A1 weird loud
The Chinese Restaurants Work is a Drag River of Shit Ss 7 inch 33 B1 bummer rock
Hazel's Wart Wallow Together We Didn't Skrot Up LP 45 A1 good transition to metal
Tiger High Lightspeed Catacombs After Party Trashy Creatures/Burger rockin