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Robin Redbeast

Grown up Christmas List


Skunch, Not-Music, Rock, golden oldies.

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Friday 12/14/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Godheadsilo gypsy booby trap ep sub pop
Thrones Gift Horse Alraune Communion Mems. of Thrones
Witchypoo Anal Satan Olympia must Die 7" Thin the Herd Melvins Cover; Mems. of Thrones
Earth Geometry of Murder Sunn amps and Smashed Guitars Live No Quarter Mems. of Thrones
Men's Recovery Project 400 Hundred Story Building Resist the New Way Vermiform Mems. of Thrones
Melvins Hung Bunny Lysol Boner Mems. of Thrones
The Whip Freelance Liason 7" Wantage USA Mems. of Thrones and Karp!
SunnO))) The Gates of Ballard White 1 Southern Lord Mems. of Thrones
Godheadsilo Sprechen Sie Nuts booby trap ep sub pop
Cows Two Little Pigs Cunning Stunts Amphetamine Reptile melvins bassist
Hawkwind Time we Left this World Today Space Ritual One Way Records Mem of Motorhead
Six Finger Satellite Fall to Pieces Law of Ruins Sub Pop back when Sub Pop was cool
Helios Creed Who Cares Superior Catholic Finger Subterranean This guy is nuts
Hammerhead Camero Porn Soundtrack split w/ Halo of Kitten Amphetamine Reptile Actually "Screwed" Soundtrack
Surgery fried fried/feedback 7" Amphetamine Reptile
The Rebel Germany + France Prawns Junior Aspirin Guy from Country Teasers
Country Teasers Satan is Real Again Satan is Real Again, or Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts Crypt/Matador The Guy from The Rebel
Go-Nuts Eat it All The Donut Prince and the Pauper Planet Pimp Bit of exploitation on the cover?
X TV Cabaret Roll WHy March when you can Riot v/a Aberrant/Ripost Great Aussie comp