140 Beats Per Minute

Split P

Amen break - the world's most important 6 second drum loop.


Dubstep, Electronica, Dance

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Wednesday 12/12/2012 @ 2:00AM - 4:00AM
Spitzer Marsch The Call Infine 7:20 beat at 1:03
VA Love by Schleppstigg A 100 Years of Areal Areal
Teen Daze The New Balearic All of Us, Together Lefse Records 5:00
VA Cry Wolf by Pan/Tone A 100 Years of Areal Areal 6:05
Feindrehstar Tyurkiimsbour Vulgarian Knights Kompakt 4:38
Sounds From The Ground Ink Spots Widerworld Waveform 4:20
Touchphonics Blast Master Destroy All Lines Elevated Press Records 1:50
JaFu Pineal Add To Cart Waveform 3:13
Various Artists Got 2 Come Together Never Say Die: Summer 2012 Label Showcase Never Say Die 4:06
Helicopter Showdown Nobody Loves No One
JaFu Lone Kimono Add To Cart Waveform
Various Artists Never Say Die: Summer 2012 Label Showcase Never Say Die
Truth ft. Yayne Time (Kaiju Remix)
River Accorsi Groove Ceremony
Misclick ft kristine Facing Problems
Rednek Attention All Jumpers
Calvin Harris Feel So Close (Nero Remix)
Mariah Carey feat. Pandaemonium (Marco Anggara) i cant live without you
Twistex War Horse
Fungo Mungo Brothers and Sisters Self Released from their original demo
Fungo Mungo Sold Your Soul (For Rock N' Roll) Humungous Island
V/A Amen Breaks: The World's Most Important 6 Second Drum Loop
Dr..um + Axewound Babylon Junglist (Intro)
Paradox Curse of Coincidence
Dylan Witchcraft
Megashira Microcosmos
Digital Down Under
Soundmurder and Sk-1 Fathom
Dr..um + Axewound Babylon Junglist
Bombah Bumbarasclatt
Bizzy B Deep Dark and Nastie