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If you like progressivo Italiano and Krautrock, you've come to the right place.  A couple of "newly discovered" bands as well.  Please call with your questions, comments, suggestions and requests at: (530) 752-2777.  I can also be reached at:  Thanks for listening to the PRP and for supporting freeform radio at KDVS!


Progressive rock

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Saturday 12/15/2012 @ 12:00PM - 2:00PM
The Flower Kings Going Up Banks Of Eden InsideOut 2012; Sweden
Jethro Tull Dun Ringill Stormwatch Chrysalis 1979; England
The Nice Rondo Hang On To A Dream Atom 1968/2004; England
Monty Python Bruces' Philosopher's Song Monty Python Sings Virgin 1989; England
Sensation's fix Spacer Energy Age Fragments Of Light Polydor 1974; Italy
Opeth Porcelain Heart Watershed Road Runner Records 2008; Sweden
Triumvirat E Minor 5/9 Minor 5 Mediterranean Tales Harvest 1972; Germany
Anthony Phillips Master Of Times The Goose And The Ghost Passport 1977; England
Ozric Tentacles Jurassic Shift Jurassic Shift Snapper 1992/2003; England
Corte Dei Miracoli ...E Verra L'uomo Corte Dei Miracoli Grog 1976/2003; Italy
Ramses La Leyla Krautrock: Music For Your Brain Volume 4 (disc 5 of 6) Universal 1975/2009; Germany
Embryo A Place To Go Krautrock: Music For Your Brain Volume 1 (disc 5 of 6) Universal 1974/2005; Germany
Anyone's Daughter Blue House Krautrock: Music For Your Brain Volume 4 (disc 2 of 6) Universal 1978/2009; Germany
Cluster Sowieoso Krautrock: Music For Your Brain Volume 4 (disc 5 of 6) Universal 1976/2009; Germany
Schicke, Fuhrs and Frohling Pictures The Collected Works Of SFF Nordsee Records 1976/2003; Germany