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Pirate of the High Frequencies

Like a parasitic infection, The Malefactor has enpustulated the pregnant, swollen mass that is the Friday night metal block.  Get ready for a smelly mess!

Have a gander at the Malefactor's normal domain of Wednesday night metal: http://kdvs.org/show-info/2305

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Friday 12/07/2012 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
Dying Fetus Praise The Lord (Opium of the Masses) Destroy The Opposition Relapse Playing Monday night in Stockton with Cattle Decapitation and Cerebral Bore - also featuring local support from Cursed, Feast, Accidentally Murdered, Forever Obscured, and Embodied Torment.
Portrait The Nightcomers Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae Metal Blade
Saint Vitus Bitter Truth Mournful Cries SST Thanks for the request!
Kalmah They Will Return They Will Return Century Media
Origin Meat For The Beast Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas Relapse Thanks for the request!
Agent Steel Bleed For The Godz Skeptics Apocalypse Combat The GODZZZZ!
Aeon Aeons Black Aeons Black Metal Blade Brand new release!
Soilwork Millionflame The Chainheart Machine Century Media
Deadlands Pandemic Genocide Evilution Molten Metal Records Thanks for the request!
Abominable Putridity Wormhole Inversion The Anomalies of Artificial Origin Brutal Bands Courtesy of Emperor KxSx.
Absu Skrying in the Spirit Vision Abzu Candlelight Records
Sanctuary White Rabbit Refuge Denied Epic/CBS
Brutality Shrine of the Master When The Sky Turns Black Nuclear Blast
Kommandant Victory Through Intolerance The Draconian Archetype ATMF Playing with Minenwerfer, Killgasm and more next Saturday (12/15) at Burnt Ramen in Richmond.
Paradise Lost Hallowed Land Draconian Times Music For Nations
Incantation The Hellions Genesis Vanquish In Vengeance Listenable
Devour The Unborn Reanimated With Torture Consuming The Morgue Remains Ossuary Industries
Marduk World Of Blades Serpent Sermon Century Media 2012 release.
Disentomb Forced Adornment of the Funerary Crown Promo 2012 Self Released