Sounds Like Work

Milson Tisdale

A sudden shower falls- 
and naked I am riding
on a naked horse


Psych, Rock, Drone, Electronic, Experimental

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Friday 12/07/2012 @ 8:00PM - 10:00PM
John Gavanti Valvira's room. Velvira sits before her mirror. Next to her: her twin sister. John Gavanti Hyrax 1980
Celer Dry and Disconsolate Without Retrospect, The Morning Glacial Movements *new
Ricardo Donoso From Sterling to Snow Assimilating The Shadow Digitalis *new
Personable (M. Geddes Gengras) Billions of Christic Atoms Spontaneous Generation Peak Oil *new
Sujo + Sun Hammer Hari Fistula Inam Records *new
Billy Roisz Walking the Monkey Walking the Monkey Editions Mego *new
Cut Hands Brown-Brown Black Mamba Very Friendly/Susan Lawly *new William Bennett of Whitehouse
Magma Udu Wudu Udu Wudu Charly orig. 1976
Tom Phillips with AMM IRMA (excerpt) IRMA Matchless Recordings orig.1988
Deficit Des Annees Anterieures Three trees near the path in the Wakasa forest Action and Japanese Demonstration Fractal orig. 1982
Hiroshi Kawani Flashback (ecerpt) Flashback P.S.F. 1983 recordings
Milford Graves Babi Babi IPS recorded 3/20/76
Le Forte Four Japanese Super Heroes V/A-Blorp Esette LAFMS/Transparency orig. 1977
Charalambides Naked in our Deathskins V/A-Harmony of the Spheres Drunken Fish 1996