Unspeakable Cults


The Malefactor's twin domains of flesh and sorcery are not in diametric opposition, but rather, they are in perfect conjunction.  Atop the bloodsoaked pyramids of the Triple Alliance, hearts were pulled from living sacrifices in his name, and he was known both in the form of a jaguar and by his affinity for obsidian, the material of sorcerous power.  In the veil of the smoking mirror, blood paves the way to ritual power.


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Metal, Ambient, Spoken Word

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Thursday 12/06/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Dying Fetus The Blood of Power Reign Supreme Relapse Coming to Stockton on Monday night - tickets available through Embodied Torment locally at facebook.com/embodiedtorment
Chaos Inception Black Blood Vortex The Abrogation Lavadome Productions From the ashes of the mighty Fleshtized.
Ereb Altor Seven Gastrike Napalm
Heresi Liothe Psalm II: Infusco Ignis Hydra Head Records True orthodox blackness.
God Dethroned The Red Baron Under The Sign of the Iron Cross Metal Blade
Cenotaph Embalmed Maggotized Aborticide (Obscure Perspectives of Forensic Entemology) Putrescent Infectious Rabidity Sevared
Defeated Sanity Verblendung Passages Into Deformity Willowtip Crushing track from the upcoming album, release date: February 5, 2013. A band that is scarcely paralleled in extreme metal.
Wodensthrone First Light Curse Candlelight Records 2012 release.
Judas Priest Steeler British Steel Columbia Records Thanks for the request!
Mitochondrion Through Cosmic Gaze Rituals of Transcendence / Liimk Halaayt Siege Engine Records All-British Columbia split with Gyibaaw.
Apocryphon Carnivophile Apocryphon Self Released Played a crushing set last week in Sacramento. Oakland band.
Nechochwen He Ya Ho Na OtO Bindrune Recordings Latest release from this two-piece acoustic/folk/black/doom outfit.
Bolt Thrower Remembrance ...For Victory Earache
Cage Victim of Society Astrology WWIII So super insightful, guys.
Heathen Bloodkult The Evolution Of Chaos Mascot Thanks for the request!
Morbid Saint Damien Spectrum of Death Avanzada Metalica
All Out War Apathetic Genocide Into The Killing Fields Victory Records
Satan's Host Black Hilted Knife By The Hands of the Devil Moribund Bleeding hearts of the damned are rent from their frail vessels by the black-hilted knife of smoking glass, the instrument of socerous power which cleaveth the spirit from the flesh.