Bad Ideas



Punk, Rock, New wave, No Wave

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Wednesday 12/05/2012 @ 12:00AM - 2:00AM
Algebra Suicide Tuesday Tastes Good The Secret Like Crazy Dom Elchklang
Alpaca Brother The Lie Legless Flying Nun
Paint Fumes Hippie Uck Life Slovenly
Paint Fumes Sevol Natas Uck Life Slovenly
Neutrinoz Tin Foil Dreams Danger Contains Neutrinoz Sonic Serenade
Andrzej Korzynski Agent No. 1 Secret Enigma B-Music
Blanketship & The Dollson Family Singers LIsten To Him Music With A Message Gigante Sound
Alfonso Lovo Nueva Segovia La Gigantona Numero Group
BBJr How To Fuck All Your Coworkers In One Sitting Captcha
V/A Golden Cups- Happening At 3 o'clock a.m. Hot Nips Volume 1 Dolemite Records
Laurie Spiegel Pentachrome The Expanding Universe Unseen Worlds
Southern Comfort Silver and Gold Silver And Gold b/w Don't Cry No Tears Black Petal
Talk Normal Shot This Time Sunshine Joyful Noise
Happy Jawbone Family Band Deep Dreamer The Silk Pistol Night People
16-17 Kat 16-17/Hardkore & Buffbunker Savage Land
Naked on the Vague Sydney Lane Rd The Blood Pressure Sessions Siltbreeze
Meth Teeth Boring Artifacts Bus Rides Sweet Rot
The Rebel To The Future or to the Past: Greetings The Race Against Time Hots Up Junior Aspirin
The Rebel My Mor[p]ine, by G. Welch The Race Against Time Hots Up Junior Aspirin
Various Artists J.C. Heavy- Is This Really Me? Man Chest Hair B-Music
MX-80 Sound Tidal Wave Hard Attack Island
391 Searchin For A Thrill Posh Boy
Ultraviolet Radio Together In Stereo Debut Cassingle Burger
Pere Ubu Not Happy Not Happy/Lonesome Cowboy Dave Rough Trade
Roxy Music To Turn You On Avalon Warner Bros.