The Cat's Meow

Maggie Cat

Hello Maggie cat listeners. I am the Dizzy pixel a substitute DJ and Maggie cat has given me the opportunity to play videogame Music for you listeners. She is feeling a bit under the weather and I hope i do not disappoint. I hope you guys enjoy the music. 

as always Stay dizzy 

 Dizzy pixel


Pop, Rock, Electronic, Indie

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Monday 12/03/2012 @ 8:00PM - 9:00PM
Hideki Naganuma Like it like this like Jetset Radio Future
Yuzo Koshiro Birth of the People Actraiser OST
Yasunori Mitsuda Frog's Theme Chrono Trigger OST
Nobuo Uematsu The Ruined Village Blue Dragon OST
Tomori Kudo Alone in the Snow Storm Emil Chronicle online OST
Isamu Ohira Horizon Gran Turismo 4 OST
Nobuo Uematsu Freya's Theme Final Fantasy 9 OST
Hitoshi Sakimoto Sanctuary Opoona OST
Jami Sieber Tell it By Heart Braid OST
Kinuyo Yamashita Dawn of Sorrow Castlevania OST
Martin O'Donnell Bits and Pieces Halo 3 OST
Arthur Maximenko Wasserland Massive Assault OST
Yuko Takehara The Whale Song Breathe of Fire 2 OST
Keiichi Okabe Temple of Drifting Sand NieR OST
Yuzo Koshiro Facing the Wind Namco X Capcom OST
Shogo Sakai Love Theme Mother 3 OST
Kenji Yamamoto Tallon Overworld Metroid Prime OST