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Monday 11/26/2012 @ 6:00PM - 8:00PM
The Beach Bombs Purple Peanuts Frolic Dinner Vol.3 V/A Romula 1994
The Individuals Dancing w/ My Eighty Wives Dancing w/ My Eighty Wives Plexus 1982
Little Gentlemen 1985/ The Pearl Broken Toys I.E 1985
Stark Raving Too Much To Take/ Crazed New World Sniveling and Whining Incas 1988
Bar- B- Q Killers Great Neck Comly Twighlight 1988
Urban Guerillas Bliss Darwin's Theory of Pelvic Revolution Camoglage 1983
Personality Crisis Name Dropper/ Tyrants Creatures for Awhile Riskey 1983
The Consumers Anti, Anti, Anti/ Consumers All My Friends are Dead In the Red 1995
Massacre Guys Devil's Slide/ Web of Hate Behind the 8 Ball Toxic Shock 1983
The Ergs Throttle Boy Thrash Compactor Grave Mistake/ Firestarter 2011
Rights of The Accused Innocence/ What I learned Today Innocence Little Farmer 1984
J.F.A Out of Sschool Blatant Localism EP Placebo 1981
P.E.N The American Way/ And You Still Don't Care P.E.N CS Productions 1993
Mission For Christ Pennies from Hell Mission for Christ No Trend 1984
Head of David Joyride Burning LP Blast First 1986
Head Hunters Landlord Wipe Out The Funk Shout 1982
Frenzy Whose Life I See Red Revovler 1985
Loud Speaker Psychotic Machine Psychotic Machine 45 HI- FI Sound 1987
Judge The Stome II There Will be Quite Revelation 1990
Fearless Iranians From Hell Whats the News Die For Allah Boner 1987
Incantation Entrantment of Evil Entrantment of Evil Relapse 1990
Siege Drop Dead Drop Dead Lost & Found 1984
Shattered Silence Legend of Evil Deal.. With it New World 1990
Pakdermes Gospel E A Q.P. Os Graos We Love Money 1992
Mannequin Beach Time to Call the Vote Mannequin Beach Mordam 1988
Starfighters Don't Touch Me Starfighters Jive 1982
Phantoms TollBooth Jack of all Phobias Phantom TollBooth Homestead 1986