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I'm back, son! Joined by the Polluter & Blasphemer! Let's rock...


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Friday 11/23/2012 @ 10:00PM - 12:00AM
All Out War From Manipulation to Martyr Into the Killing Fields
Grave Passion of the Weak Endless Procession of Souls
Fall Silent One More Question Super Structure
Allegaeon Iconic Images Formshifter
Black Anvil Ten Talons Deep Time Insults the Mind
Car Bomb His Eyes Centalia
Asphyx Crush the Cenotaph Crush the Cenotaph Thank you for the request!
Soma Ras Novus Ordo Seclorum Soma Ras EP
Genetic Wisdom Mirror Images Humanity on Parole
Withered Seek the Shrouded Dualitas
Usurper Reptilian Cryptobeast Thank you for the request!
Dagon Demons in the Dark Terraphobic
Dark Funeral Thus I Have Spoken Diabolis Interium Thank you for the request!
Hedor March Toward Horror Victory or Annihilation
Deathspell Omega Fiery Serpents Drought
Headgrenade Rash Headgrenade
Pig Destroyer Valley of the Geysers Book Burner
Jungle Rot Fractured Fueled By Hate
Merrimack Gospel of the Void Acausal Mass
Visceral Throne Transcending Carnality Omnipotent Asperity
Orchid Cosmonauts of Three Capricorn
Satan's Host Bleeding Hearts of the Damned By the Hands of the Devil